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Disney hotels discount on to shore up sales
what do you all think?


Yes, alright. I don’t think it will be helpful if you’re looking for free dining and other “perks”, do you?


I stayed in a hotel 3 weekends ago in Erie PA. bascial in the middle of no where for $90 plus taxes. I room was tiny and clean, maybe half the size of a value resort room, with one full sized bed. All I could think was I could have spent another night at ASMo for that price!!!


some of the people running disney right now seem to have lost their way,even with the dining plan,evn with the building of suite type rooms,even with extra magical hours for resort guests …some of this group thinks that hard ticket events are the way to go,trying to squeeze more out the disney fans yes has short term gain ,but that type of elitism turns other s not so much disney hard core fans off…disney will be fine …but it must return to its roots …most of you haven’t been to DCA out here in ca …well the world of color was a huge hit,bigger crowds than ever ,disney tried to capitalize on the night only show by turning part of dca in to a street fest ,loosely translated to an alcohol party,also allowing outside vendors to setup food stands also,one was asked to leave after having been discovered selling drugs also,or should I say rumored…they also had a stage show half burlesque and who knows what the other half was …right there in sunshine plaza at the front of the park…yes some people liked it but others could be heard saying this is disney park right…???..disney and I LOVE DISNEY,needs to go back to its roots,with regard to priceline …room rates when taken as a package have already been discounted tremendously ,but being seen on priceline is another thing that should have never happenned …there are many other avenues to let people know you are running promos on some rooms…you try to hold prices,you point out the benfits of staying on disney property…you once again point out magical express,you ,outside the dining program ,build promos in to the keys to the kingdom …like giving instant guaranteed discounts for AP,DVC and even promos on rooms for gifts and meals …a side bar to what I said was trying to keep track of who gives ap ,dvc, or whatever discounts is a bother always asking never really knowing in most cases…it should be built right in to the keys to the kingdom …disney has tried cash back or gift card …promos…obviously with this new move that must not be working out to well…these are just thought s and Ideas …but management needs to think out of the box and priceline is neither in or out of the box…and yes I know way to rambling…sorry


if you read the article, it seems to be for the deluxe resorts. i would totally stay at a resort like the poly if i could get a good price one it. even when i had an annual pass, the only time when i could find an affordable deal on a deluxe was when we got a smoking deal on BLT, and even then we could only afford a night. so if this makes it so i can afford to stay at a deluxe then i would jump on the chance meal plan or not!


Went on Priceline and narrowed search for Walt Disney Resorts. Came back with 0 options. Could’ve been my dates too. DTD resorts were on there as well as several right outside the gates, and for really good prices too. But no Disney:sad:


We say that EVERYWHERE we go…LOL…Disney on the brain my husband always says!:mickey:


Stop writing like me!



After reading the article as well as the comments after it, I don’t consider myself elitist but I know what I like. If we don’t stay using our DVC points, I am happy to pay for staying in a Disney resort on property. Except for a one night stay at CSR a couple of years ago where the service was questionable, all of our other Disney resort stays have been fantastic.

I do agree that Disney does over charge. It is their right as a business to charge whatever they see fit to. Maybe this does open their eyes since sales have been down that they need to reassess their sales plan for the resorts and I would also say ticket prices.


The dollar is weakening and will continue to weaken. Some experts are saying that over the next year the dollar will loose close to 20%.

Disney is preparing for this by raising their prices.

This is being caused because our current administrations treasury department is printing money. It looks like by summer they will have printed 2.5 trillion dollars. To this point they say they have printed under 2 trillion. This is going to cause commodity prices to spike. I hear Nov 15 is going to the day when General Mills will raise their prices. Gas prices will also climb. The stock market will climb…for a while as well.

Disney is just reacting to the economy and the value of the dollar.

The good news is more money will come in from our foreign friends as for them a WDW vacation will be on sale.

Congratulations to all the DVC owners your vacation hedge will pay off well.


Tigger is right. Business is business even for Disney. Get ready for a very bumpy ride.