Can't decide dininning plan


Well I am trying to justify the dininning plan. Every year we go we ge the free plan. This year not available for free. So I am wondering if it is worth it or not. 2 adults and 2 thirteen year olds. Thinking about the quick service.


How much do the teens eat? I find the difference in CS dining plan or not, is the dessert/snacks. My DH and I just wouldn’t eat 2 desserts AND 2 snacks a day. Of course that’s assuming you don’t use the snack for a bottle of water. But if I have two kids that are never filled, they could be eating those extra snacks.


Like Jo-jo says it depnds on the children. For us - and the way the boys eat - the DP was a good choice.


Yes I say the same, if planned properly the DDP is great especially with children.


For us (2 adults, DS17 & DS9) I went back and forth on this for weeks it seemed, we ultimately decided to go with the Basic…it avg out to be $156.96 per day. With the dining ressies we have our dinners alone are going to come close to that each day (the way our family eats)…so it’s like we are getting the CS & Snack free each day. I don’t like that we can’t choose between an appetizer or dessert, or get an alcoholic beverage…but DW and I have concluded we’ll just OOP if we really want a appetizer or alcoholic drink…no biggie.

So for us (and it’s our 1st using DDP) it seems to be a good deal.


When we run the numbers we break even at best with the dining plan. We usually don’t add it because we like the freedom we get w/o it. I like being able to eat if and when we want, with the dining plan we sometimes feel like we have to eat, even with we’re not really hungry.

If your teens are big eaters then the plan could work for you, our 13 year old isn’t really a big eaters day in and day out so it’s easier to just buy what we want when we want.


We used the DDP for the first time on our last trip. We normally have a light breakfast, counter for lunch and a table for dinner, unless we decide to flip flop a table for breakfast and counter for dinner. We found that we save by doing the DDP and our boys are 15 & 24, HUGE eaters!!!


That’s the problem I am having t makes you feel like u have to eat. Plus the desserts are pretty basic at all the quick service. The 2 snack option is nice as well as the resort mugs. I think it might be a little overpriced for quick service. The only advantage would be having it paid for in advanced. Guess I could take the cash we would pay for this option and use towards the food because sometimes DW and I can share a meal or a snack.


DH and I always share a lunch. The portions are too big for us as we are not big eaters.


Having two teenage boys and big eaters, I thought the dining plan would be best for us, so got it on our last trip. Cost me big money, because as many of you out there who have teenagers know…THEY DON’T LISTEN!!! They were told we were on the dining plan, but didn’t hear me, so all their meals they bought when off on their own, they charged to the room key rather than telling the cm we were on the dining plan. So, paid for those meals OOP, even though we had plenty of dining plan credits. Somehow, though, being the teenagers that they are, at the end of the trip, we didn’t have any extra credits. I guess they had to make the wrong, right and managed to eat all that extra food!


Look at the menus for where and when you want to eat and do the math.
There’s no real shortcut here.


I am a huge fan of the quick service plan and think you get a good deal for your price. Go to and look at the menus and do the math to make sure it will be a good deal for your family, but two counters, two snacks and a free mug for each person in your group per night makes sense to me.


DH and I love the dining plan. We feel like all the food is paid for before our trip, and we don’t have to worry about money while we are there. And, we really like to do some nice dinners (Narcoossee’s, California Grill, etc) , so it definetly saves us money by using the dining plan.


We use the plan as well but if it does go up to $55. a day next year I may have to reconsider. We pay oop for breakfast since we’re not big breakfast eaters, have a counter service for lunch and a nice dinner. At the end of the night if Ds -14 is hungry again we stop in one of the bakeries and get something nice for a snack back at the resort ( along with our refillable mugs!!!):laugh:


I also like having everything paid for and only having the spending money to worry about while there.


When you are figuring up how much you might spend by checking out the menus, don’t forget the tax. It adds quite a bit. On the dining plans the tax is paid.


It’s the TS tips you have to remember!

Not a fan of the QS DP for more than a short trip. You have to really plan ahead so you don’t end up eating the same dang hamburger meal over and over.

For the few bucks more, the DP is the way to go. I’ve done the Deluxe (3TS meals daily) and that was WAY too much food. For me, a 2 TS plan would be much better with a good breakfast, light lunch, and a good dinner.

Of then again, even better would be the BW&R dp (Boss,Wall & Richard). 4 B&M credits a day (Beer and munchies!) :laugh: