Can't decide on Imagineering Lunch/Dinner, or not?!?!


We’re almost 30 days to our trip and at that benchmark you can make the “Lunch/Dinner with an Imagineer” reservations. We’ve been saying we’ve wanted to do it for awhile but still can’t decide if we should or not. I think it has the POTENTIAL to be really awesome but then again, depending on who else may join your party (there can be up to eight other strangers with you), it could be just a bunch of fluff where everyone ends up talking about stuff we already know.

What does everyone think?


I agree with you Jess. Something like that, ideally can be great, but it would just take a couple of either “Imagineer Hogs” or “Dumb Question Askers” to ruin it for you. Not to be mean, those people have as much right as you are to be there, but it’s a lot of money to pay, and to have it not go well would be extremely disappointing.

I’d say it’s a gamble, you really have no way of knowing in advance. There doesnt’ seem to be a whole lot of interest in the program, that I know of. I wonder if any other DCers/Buzzers have done it?


But you also have to consider… how often do you get the chance to have a semi-private meeting with a Disney imagineer? I would imagine AT LEAST getting to hear about upcoming projects, getting the opportunity to hear about re-furbs like Pirates, and ask questions about the things we talk about everyday here on DC would be absolutely awesome! Then again, like we’re saying it could be an hour of “so how do you become an imagineer, have you ever worked on any cool rides, do you like your job?” BUY THE BOOK, haha! I am so mean, sorry, but I would think spending $50/pp those kinda questions would have obvious answers.

I don’t know, I wish someone on DC had already done this.


I’m sure the best questions will be asked by none other than WishUponAStar, but the hardest part will be showing some restraint and letting the others get a chance. :tongue:


yeah, ain’t that the truth. It would be hard to put away my glasses and notebook, the hard-nosed journalist would get the best of me. It’s like my alter ego. haha.:tongue:


I found some general reviews for you.

Dine with a Disney Imagineer

and this one…

Review Date: Sat May 27, 2006 Would you recommend the location? Yes | Rating: 10

Pros: Great Food, Service
Cons: none

Lunch with an Imagineer Mon. May 22. Fantastic!!! Promptly greeted by manager, took us to private area, gave us history of Brown Derby and what to expect. Escorted to private Bamboo room, Introduced to Alex C. (Art Dir. for Magic Kingdom!!) Presented with personalized menus with choices for lunch, soup, cobb salad, I had grouper, Husband had steak, creme brulee for dessert. all Superb! Luncheon was one of the highlights of our 8 day stay in the world. Unhurried, ask anything, very interesting, Alex was really great to meet and very easy to talk with,he gave us even more appreciation for all the Magic he and his staff create. Will definitely do this again next time dinner w/ Imagineer. Nothing but great things to say about this experience! All Superb!


Wow, they all sound like AMAZING reviews!!! HMMMM! Thank you JK8 :smile:


You can book the Imagineer lunch/dinner 60 days out.

You might find that they are all booked up by now! You need to get in there quick!

We booked 45 days out and the spaces where going fast!

We will let you know how it goes when we get back in 10 days time!


That’s SO weird b/c I called about a month or so ago and they told me you can only do it 30 days out!!! oh no!


Allears also say its 60 days out. Dine with a Disney Imagineer


I am going to call Disney Dining again, but I will be SO upset if someone there misinformed me then I missed out b/c it was really 60 days.


Well, I just called back and YES you CAN book it 60 days out. My goodness, I am SO glad they had spots left b/c whoever at WDW DINE told me I had to wait until 30 days out was wrong. I hate to say this, but over the past two years these inconsistencies in information seem to be becoming more frequent!! What is going on, is Disney outsourcing their call centers?!?!? It’s SO weird.

ANYWAY, I am doing the lunch with an Imagineer on Wednesday, August 23rd. YAY! :biggrin:


Wow, glad you got it! I have a feeling that you will have a great time. :mickey:


I cant wait to hear what you all have to say when you get back. I really want to do this too!


This sounds really interesting! I mentioned it to my mom for our (still only possible) December trip, and she said that price sounded fair considering what you get (I was surprised, but then again I’m cheap :laugh: ) and that would be my birthday/Christmas present! Squee…

I’m still considering it though. I’m always saying I’m the imagine side of imagineering, so all the engineering stuff might go in one ear and out the other, lol…but WOW. That would be so cool. I didn’t even know Disney had this program going on.