Cant decide on PS for Sept


I have been considering making a PS for either the Crystal Palace character meal or the Prime Time Cafe at MGM. We really do not have the extra money to do both and we will only be there a weekend. How is the food at both places? I know my 4 yr old DS will like the characters but how is the Prime Time with a little one? We dont really have a pref whether it is breakfest, lunch or dinner…


Anyone?? anyone???


I haven’t been to CP but we really like 50’s PT. The food is good ole comfort food and most of the servers play their role well.


Does PT have a Fantasmic Dinner package tie in? Could be the deciding factor. Mabye PT is better as MK has better counter service.


Do breakfast at the Crystal palace. It is the chepest of the two places and the characters are wonderful


I would rather do Crystal Palace for breakfast or lunch than 50’s Prime Time. Something in me just chokes at spending 14 dollars for 2 pieces of fried chicken!!!


With a 4 year old - definitely Crystal Palace. Prime Time would go right over her head .


I went to both back in October. Both were good!! I liked 50’s more though…their food quality was much better…

now on the other hand if you were to ask my 2 year old she’d tell you how she liked eating lunch w/pooh, tigger, eyeore and piglet!


I would also suggest Crystal palace with a 4-year old, for the characters.
And the food there is good also.


We did PT last trip. The food was awful–and by awful, I mean, we didn’t even touch the shrimp cocktail after the first bite. The steaks were way over-seasoned.

The service was very good. The PB&J milkshakes were heavenly. But the food was the worst of our trip.


Definitely go CP! We did the PT once, and swore to never return. Nothing overwhelming bad, just the combination of what seemed like Swanson frozen TV dinner food, and CM’s who played their part just a bit too well. Not a big fan of being yelled at to eat my vegetables every 10 minutes, even if it’s all in fun, it just got to be too much. Went past amusing and into unrelaxing. Small kids may think it’s funny though. The food on the CP buffet is never disappointing, and always a great selection for kids, and of course there’s Pooh and friends! Just my two-cents, well, maybe two and 1/2 cents.


I agree with the CP as a 4 year old will love Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. I dont think they will really understand PT. :mickey:


we went to both lastMmay loved them both and this May we booked them both again. CP for breakfast is awesome


We did Prime Time on this last trip. I think the food was pretty good, but the service was FUNtastic ! Be prepared to laugh and enjoy yourself if you go there. I recommend asking for LouKili if you can. He was our server and he made our trip !!! So very funny, and yet managed to give us incredible service as well.


Crystal Palace definately! I got there at least once a trip. Their breakfast is my favorite and worth every cent!



First, wow, that’s my dd18’s real name! :slight_smile: Never met anyone else with it. Is it your real name??

Second, I’d say go with CP for a little one to have the most fun. Prime Time was great for myself and my ds20 when we were there for supper, but like someone else said, the atmosphere wouldn’t be particularly fun for a little kidlet. :slight_smile:


Cara is actually my first name… growing-up my aunt use to call me CaraMia as a nickname. Even now at 33 yrs old she sometimes still calls me that.

I am leaning towards a reservation at Crystal Palace. Just have to talk to dh about it again. I am planning on paying for the hotel room now actually so come September we will have the money to cover a character meal. Just have to decide which meal it will be for. Breakfest sounds good but we dont normally like to eat a big greasy meal before staying in the park the entire day. But the lunch and dinner menus did not really appeal to me too much either. We will see…


Frankly, go with Pooh.

WHile my teenaged niece thinks PT Cafe is a hoot, and I get a kick out of it too (and my fried chicken was good), “nostalgia” is something that is lost on a 4 yr old, LOL. The “good old days” for a young child would be what… a bottle and crib? It never crossed my mind that my kids wouldn’t “get it”… how soon we forget what a techno-era our kids have been born into! (We think it’s “cool” to go back in time… but our kids think “how lame” we were to have lived that way, haha…) My DS (then 9) could only comment, “Gee, what is WITH this place… they can’t even afford COLOR TV!” My kids weren’t keen on the food, either. DS9 didn’t like his hotdog, dd4 didn’t like her soup. To their credit, PT did try to make it “right” for them and gave them a bowl of pasta free - but by that time, they were not really in the mood for another meal. Our server was relatively tame, which may have been a good thing as my tired 4 yr old might not have been in the best of humor to be told to finish her veggies by a stranger, LOL. But that is another reason that makes me leery to recommend PT - many will say the fun is all in the server, but you just can’t predict WHO you will get. Our server was VERRRRY tame…though we saw a few who were QUITE fiesty! It did seem to me that the servers tended to really “pick” at tables with teens, so maybe that’s why my niece likes it!

In any case - we have done b’fast and lunch with Pooh and deemed both excellent. Other nice thing about Pooh - once you sit, the food is ready and waiting. Kids love that… and as Mom, I therefore love it too! (The parade around the restaurant is fun to watch, too!) Lots of good food choices, nice atmosphere… perfect day for a 4 yr old! Consider doing a lunch or dinner - it makes for a nice break mid-day. If you are going in Sept, it can still be pretty hot out. Taking a mid-day break might be good. An early dinner also works well. We think we get more out of the later meals - our kids are always too wired to get too much out of a character b’fast. They are ready to hit the parks, and there they sit, with a mickey waffle going to waste before them. Two hours later, they are hungry. At dinner, they are ready to have a seat and rest. Dinner is just a few bucks more, but the food is worth more, IMO, and there’s also dessert to consider! B’fast is also pretty easily managed in the hotel room, if need be.

Sorry to ramble - just giving some food for thought, so to speak!


Chalk up another vote for Crystal Palace!

With a 4-year-old, it’s really a no-brainer. We liked the PT Diner when it first opened, but frankly, the “get your elbows off the table” routine kinda loses its impact quickly. And the prices are indeed pretty high. There’s also something about eating a big meatloaf and mashed taters dinner at a theme park that tends to slow me down. After a big meal like that, my animal instinct is to curl up under a shade tree and tyake a nap! lol And the old '50s TV reruns, CM clothes and kitchen decor would be totally lost on a youngster that age.

The CP breakfast is a fantastic and the prices are much better by WDW standards, anyway.

HAVE FUN and bon appetite!


I vote for CP. If you ask for the last breakfast seating (usually around 11) you can count it as brunch, and pay the cheaper breakfast price. Your child will love the characters and the food is good and plentiful. Prime time is okay , but not as entertaining for a child, IMHO.