Can't get Ohana reservations :(


Is it just me or is it harder than ever to get reseravations at some of the restaurants? I’ve been trying for nearly a month to book dinner at Ohana for my family during our Christmas trip, and nothing at all is available. This is the first year that I have had a hard time finding something, and DD will die if I am not able to get at least one reservation at her all time favorite restaurant.


Just keep trying.


Yes, just keep trying…several times a day! We’ve had luck with this in the past.


It does seem to be getting harder during the busy times of year for O’Hana but keep trying people change their plans everyday.


Have you tried making reservations online? You can try online multiple times a day and you won’t have to wait on the phone!


Yes. I have been checking online. Unfortunately, I stay so busy at work that I am not really able to check on it until I get home from work. Maybe I will have to use my internet on my phone to check once in a while during the day.