Can't Make Up My Mind


okie, here’s the situation… gonna try and plan a trip to WDW for 3rd week in october for my wedding anniversary. 4 day trip. don’t want to spend a lot of money, the main objective is to just get my bumm to disney. i would normally stay at the contemporary, my resort of choice :wub: but it’s just too expensive for me right now. i have 3 resorts in mind for this tentative trip. 2 of them i have stayed at before, the all star sports and POFQ. the 3rd one, the coronado, i’ve never been been to. now the all star sports i like because it’s uber cheap and in the “all star” line it’s where the bus stops first, so you always get a seat. POFQ i like because i think it’s a really beautiful resort, small so no huge crowds, good bus service (and not as far of a walk to bus stop at parks as value resort). then we have the coronado… never been there, but it looks nice, different, same money as POFQ. at the end of the day, it will save me $288 total on trip to stay at the all star sports instead of one of the moderates. please help me make up my mind so i have a solid presentation w/ complete facts and money expenditure before i try to con my husband, LOL.


For an anniversary trip I would pick POFQ (or POR if you want something new and different). Both POFQ and POR look so romantice but are still affordable.


I too would chose POFQ for an anniversary trip and do the horse and buggy ride one evening!


I love both Port Orleans FQ and Riverside…both are really good choices.


POFQ would definitely be my choice.


I’d stay at POR. What could be more romantic than staying in a mansion?:wub:


So all of you are sayin’ that All Stars is not romantic :tongue:

I agree with all the others, stay at one of the POs


I have to say I did not like Coronado at all. My choice would definitely be POFQ.


CS is not for me. For a special trip on a budget, I would go with POFQ.


POFQ or POR def! It’s a “special occasion” trip…so…stay at a more special place! I agree about the horse and carriage ride…very romantic!


I hate to say we spent our anniversary last year at ASM because I was trying to cut back on costs. The years before were Beach Club, Wilderness Lodge, Contemporary, and Poly as well as Hard Rock and Portofino.
If you’re going bare bones, do the All Star or Pop. I don’t see much reason to stop at a Mod, it’s either all or nothing for me.
If you want a smaller resort, it is POFQ, which is only half the size of the other mods and the values.


If you’re trying to save money, why don’t you stay at another value resort that you have not be to yet? Like POP Century? I love this resort and it’s a lot of fun.


I was JUST at the All Star Music in JUNE . . . the rooms were BRAND NEW it even smelled like fresh paint, new everything!! So if you want to go value, I’d do Music before Sport! ALSO, call Disney, tell them its your Anniversary and you want to try and save $ . . . they’ll help you out!! We go every NOV for one of my DD birthdays, and I always tell them why we are coming and we get balloons in the room and a card from her favorite character, Disney LOVES a party! :laugh:


we are going for our anniversary in september we are staying at the ASMusic. we thougth about one of the mods but since we are going to go to the parks we decided we would forgo the more expensive and add on another night . if i could afford it it would definately be at POR or POFQ. My dream is to stay at one of the monerial resorts.


Stayed here too at Xmas time. It is really pretty with a nice pool, BUT it is HUGE! To walk to the dining hall is soooooo far. You have to hope that one of the golf carts come by so you can catch a ride! :laugh:


ROFL ROFL :laugh:


I really did not like the in room lighting at ASMusic. It was harsh and overbright. Not in the least romantic, or even soothing.


how awful for you. disney should always be soothing. i think i’m definitely beginning to bend towards the tres romantique callings of POFQ, due to the postings so far…


We stayed at the Coronado several years ago and loved it, but… it is a convention hotel and I would think that October might be a busy convention time. There was nothing really going on when we were there. I don’t think I’d like it if the hotel was full of “suits”.

I agree with the others - POR or POFQ - Horse and buggy - a quiet bench under the trees… :wub:


When in October anyway? The next to last week has WDW hosting an major annual PGA tournament. It doesn’t add greatly to the crowds in the parks, but it does tend to fill up the better resorts faster. This is pretty much between Oct 18 and Oct 27 depending on the calender which I’m too lazy to look at right now. And our anniversary is the 22nd so we’ve been there during the tourney 6 years running.