Can't resist any longer


:mickey:Well… I been away for SO long! We had a family WDW vaca a little over a year ago - Christmas-New Year 2007-2008. We said then that it would probably be a long time before we were able to go back, what with the economy and all… BUT, being an addict and having a DD who’s the same, guess what? We’re BAAACK!

Since DD graduated from college in December, she asked dear ol dad if we could SOMEHOW do something special to celebrate - just her and me. After MUCH thought (about 10 seconds), I came up with an idea - WDW! We’re probably going to take advantage of the Buy Four - Get Three Free deal.

Can any of you dear DC folks (ooops, I’m dating myself, I mean MB) who have used that offer let me know what you thought of it? I’m working - as usual - with Keith at Mousketrips. I am also thinking of possibly upgrading the last couple of nights from a Value to a Moderate or Deluxe as a surprise to DD (you know how I love surprising her).

(We’re close to picking dates, but she’s working as a substitute teacher right now and we need to wait until school’s out to go. She’s hoping for a full-time teaching/coaching job in the fall, so our window is kind of narrow - late May into early August at latest.)

Anyway - thanks for paying attention through this long note. I’m getting fired up already!


Welcome back! Several here are getting that deal. How can you go wrong! I hope you go - it sounds like a great plan for you and DD.


Welcome back! You can’t go wrong with this deal, it’s a pretty good savings.


Welcome back:happy:

That is a great news, you two are going to have a lot of fun!


Welcome back!!! I just got back on a few weeks ago, things are hectic around here.

We took full advantage of the deal also and we decided to drive to save more money. Last I read, the deal is going on until 8/15/09 so you can plan up to August too. But I am sure Keith already told you that.

Congrats on DD’s graduation. It is a rough time to find a job but I am sure she will find one quickly!

What resort were you thinking of upgrading to???


sounds fabulous. . .we have done mother/daugther trips for a while now and now we include mother/daugther/granddaugther – its so much fun!


Congrats on going back. It is addictive isn’t it? I did the buy 4 get 3 free even though with my school we can’t stay that long you can still take advantage of the deal and compared to last year I am saving at least $300 dollars and because we are going in March we get the $200 dollar gift card! Also going to celebrate my oldest son’s birthday so he will get a giftcard as well! I think this is a great deal personally.


Looks like we’re going May 15-22 and we’ll stay at All-Star Music. Wife and I have stayed there, but DD has not. We’re kinda Popped Out, as far as Pop Century is concerned…

Probably will add Park Hopper option to the park tickets for $106 for the two of us - not a bad deal…


Our trips are going to overlap! :happy:

I think All-Star Music is a great choice. Have you decided if you’re going to surprise DD with an upgrade? If so, any ideas where to?

I love this buy 4/get 3 free deal. It’s the only way we were able to make our trip happen this year! :whistling


We’ll also be overlapping, only a day though, but overlapping!

You’ll have a blast!!!