Can't wait!


I know this is random, but I just wanted to express how excited I am! Not only am I turning 21 on Sunday, but I will be in Disney World celebrating!! We leave Saturday morning. I’ve never been on my birthday before. Anyone have an special birthday experiences to get me excited? (even though I don’t think I could be more excited lol)
Now I just have to make it through my two exams today so I can get ready to go!


Make sure you get your birthday button. I think you can get it when you check into your resort. That button will get you ALL kinds of attention.:wub::wub::laugh:


21? A beer around the world celebration.


MY DD did her 21st there too and it was fab. Make sure you tell the button CM that it’s your 21st too- they wrote it on Chelsey’s button between the Happy and the Birthday!
Have a wonderful time, and congrats on turning 21 too.


We’ll be there checking in on saturday too! Happy 21st…love the beer around the world idea!


Will WDW give out birthday buttons for “belated” birthdays?? My birthday is Saturday, but I won’t be visiting the resort for another 2 weeks. Would LOVE a b-day button for my collection of Disneyana…


…sorry, I got so excited about the button idea, that I forgot to wish you a very happy birthday!! Enjoy your trip!!


I was there for my 35th birthday, and it was the best I ever had. We didn’t do anything special, but just being in the Magic Kingdom and watching Wishes on my birthday with my sweet family and my momma made me cry. It was spectacular! :heart: