Can't we just go now?!?!


We’re only 10 days away & I can hardly wait another minute!!! I may just be more excited than the kids! Packing lists done, making family tee shirts tomorrow, doing online check in tomorrow then all that’s left is the actual packing…I may not make it 10 more days!!


Those last days are SO exciting ,but the waiting goes get to be a bit much!! Happy single digit dancing!!!


I know the feeling… we can’t wait either.


Just rememeber, the sooner you get there the sooner you’ll be back home. Enjoy those last few days. Like Dana said, they’re exciting and a fun part of the trip. :happy:


Make the most of those last few days, before you know it you’ll be on your way to WDW! I love that constant excitement buzz you get so close to departure! I never know what to do with myself once everything is done (packing, printing, double checking etc) so try and spread some of your last few tasks out a little!


I know-I don’t want to wish it away! The kids ask every day sometimes more than once a day “how many days til Disney?!”
Tomorrow the notes go to teachers requesting the work the kids will miss-boo!- & I will start double checking my lists :heart:


Are the shirts done? Can we see them? PLEEEEAAAAAASE !


I’m having trouble printing them :wub: The amazing folks on the disboards did some great designs for us but when I try to print them, they’re blurry. :confused:



I hope you can figure out what the problem is. Maybe someone has an suggestion.