Cape May Cafe Charater Experience


I have been noticing that the prices for this dining experience is cheaper than the others.

Has anyone every gone there for breakfast. My wife and I have been to many of the charater experiences but not this one. We need to save pennies as we are paying for other children to go with us.

Besides Goofy, which other characters are there? How mannered is the crowd? How is the area surrounding the park in terms of free places of interested?

Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks


We love this experience. We do this every time we go. Its right across from the boardwalk and the yatch and beach club has the beach right on the water its a beautiful resort to just hang out at. Donald, Goofy, and Minnie are there and they are all in their beach gear. The food is very good and the crowd is very nice. The character interaction is great! Amazing Biscuits and Gravy!! Weve probably done this one 5 or 6 times dinner here is also awesome!


We have also done Cape May Cafe for breakfast several times. It is a favorite for us. I personally think that the character interaction is the BEST at this meal. Goofy has gotten on the floor and played with my kids every time we’ve been there! The food is really good, too. As far as the crowd goes, it’s pretty low key. I would highly recommend this meal.


I think this is a Disney Hidden Gem! Foods good, characters are adorable in their beach outfits . . . it’s never too crowded so you get plenty of character time. You’ll enjoy it! :smile:



Welcome to MB!

We love everything about this breakfast, including the location. So close to Epcot, we love the walk over to the gateway. I also agree about the character interaction.


Welcome to MB! And thanks for the thread- we go to Cape May dinner many times but have never done breakfast because we didn’t know, and the beach theme characters? Fantastic! Thanks for posting.


We really enjoy breakfast. Even with just adults, the characters still come around. A few years ago for by birthday trip with my then 2 1/2 yr DGD, Minnie came by when we had the birthday cupcake.


We did the breakfast on your last trip. It was one of the best characters breakfast we’ve had. It’s very cute to see Goofy, Donald and Minnie in their beach wear. The food is pretty good too. After your done with breakfast, you can head over to ecpot or the broadwalk. there’s also a boat to hollywood studios.


We went there about 8 years ago and loved it!! We are going to go again next year. WELCOME TO MOUSEBUZZ!!!


We always like this, the food is fair-good, but the characters are great!


Thanks, you’ll have convinced me to set it up. I need a cheaper character experience because I am taking other children. I have been to about 9 of the character experiences but never this one. Ohana is a personal fave, and Donalds breakfast as lamest. I am looking foward to my DD first trip to Disney. Single digit dancing for my 19mos old first trip.


Welcome to Mousebuzz


We did this breakfast in May and the characters were great. My son got a kick out of them being at breakfast in their bathing suits! It’s Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

The food is standard WDW breakfast buffet food. Not bad but expect the same ol’ same ol’.

Have fun and GO SOX!



We also did breakfast there, last summer. We loved it!!! The food was good and the characters were too cute in their swim suits. We had brealy there then we went to TL for the day, set the mood!


Cape May, Crystal Palace, Chef Mickey’s, and 1900 Park Fare are all the same cost for breakfast.
Dinner at Cape May is NOT a character meal.
We’ve been doing breakfast there so long that we’ve got pictures of Chip and Dale who were replaced by Donald.

Edit: Well, they all USED TO cost the same for breakfast!
I just decided to check the prices at All Ears and found that they are all priced differently now!


:happy:We also have photos of Chip and Dale at this breakfast. My kids are so little in those. :frown:


i love it. my favorite character breakfast


Dh and I went sans kids in 2007, before they got rid of Chip and Dale. It was decent. Not thrilling, but not horrible either. I think these days they have Minnie, Goofy and Donald Duck. We’re meaning to take our kids back sometime, but once we’ve gone through the other priority places lol.


Cape May breakfast is my FAV!


We’ve been doing breakfast there so long that we’ve got pictures of Chip and Dale who were replaced by Donald.

We also have pictures with Chip and Dale when the kids were kids.

Also, they have a “Clam Bake” dinner at this restaurant that we went to last Oct. and were the “Host Family”! We had a great time!


Joseph, two things to always keep in mind about the clam bake dinner buffet are that it is not a character meal and my own opinion of the food offerings are that it’s a real “mileage will vary” kind of experience.
I know plenty of people post that they love the dinner but my problem is I’m just not feeling the love.:whistling