Cape May Cafe or Captain's Grille


We are looking for a good TS meal in the Boardwalk area, and are kind of between these two restaurants. We’re looking for opinions, reviews, and information about the atmosphere of each of these restaurants. It will be myself, DH, DD (6), DS (3), and DD (3).


We’ve been to both and both restaurants were fine. Cape May was a little more lively, the restaurant was more crowded and just had more going on, Captain’s Grille was much quieter and way less crowded. The food at both was good but Captain’s Grille was better quality.

Since we try to stay at BCV every trip I am sure we’ll return to both restaurants with no second thoughts.


We have not been to the Captain’s Grille, but we have been to the Cape May Cafe.

The tables are covered with white paper and children (including my husband) :laugh: are given little buckets of crayons to keep them busy while waiting for their dinner to come.

The food is not gourmet but it is very good.

Dinner is set up like a buffet in the shape of a square: one side is fish, one side is meats and sides, one side is vegetables and one side is desserts (our favorite).

It is a lot of food for the money and you won’t go back to your hotel hungry.

Hope this helps, we have been there at least four times and plan on returning in july 2009.



Never been to Captain’s Grille but have been to breakfast and dinner at Cape May Cafe and love it!!!


Never been to Capatains Grille but we love,love,love Cape May Cafe!


I have been to both and Captain’s Grill has much better food. Cape May food is just so-so.


Never been to the Grille either but ate at Cape May several times last trip and it was always very good.


We liked Cape May more than Captain’s Grille- our server at Captains Grille actually overcharged us for some items, and then changed the tip amount (to way more than 20%). It appeared the next day on our room charge. Beach Club fixed it when I showed the my receipt, but I probably won’t be back any time soon.

The kids liked Cape May as well.


Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments. We are looking to eat there our first night, and it seems that Cape May Cafe might have more of a fun, “Disney” atmosphere. I’d love to hear more comments, though. We appreciate all your input.


We love Cape May cafe.


I think you’re right, Cape May is more Disney-ish. Have you looked at Big River Grill? We’ve been there a couple of times and enjoyed it too.


We thought about it, but it isn’t on the dining plan. We’re trying to use up our credits since we’re changing resorts after 2 days and will get a new DDP then.


Cape May is delicious food. I’m a very picky eater but the fish, meats, and salads are soooooo good. And their desert section is yummy. I love to draw on the paper table cloths!


I really love breakfast at Cape May but I wasn’t very impressed with their dinner buffet.
Captain’s Grill, previously Yacht Club Galley, is probably a better choice for dinner and the only choice for lunch.


We’ve done Cape May Cafe for breakfast and dinner; with grandkids and without. It’s a fun atmosphere with lots of food. There are plenty of different things so there’s something to suit everyone. We really enjoy it!