Cape May Cafe


Ive heard good and not so good things about this place–I’d like to hear your opinions from those of you who have been there? How is it for dinner? I’ve looked at the menu and it looks purty good! :biggrin:


I have heard too that the dinner there is really good!!! Cannot wait to hear form someone who has actually eaten there tho!


We’re going for the character breakfast buffet this time around. Can’t help you with reviews until then, but I’m excited about seeing my favorite pals in their swimming gear!


We had the dinner buffet there last year. It was very good. One of the better buffets at WDW - they even had crabs legs the night we were there!


Iam interested in this too!

Ive heard nothing but good things about the character breakfast but mixed reviews on the clam back. Some love it, others got sick. :huh:


I love this place I love the food ( I am a seafood fanatic ) love shrimp crabs anything seafood and this one was great I kept eating plates and plates of the clams when I went in December


We have been to the breakfast, and it was one of the best we have done. The characters were great. My DD’s did nothing but laugh at goofy. The want to go back.
I want to try the dinner but DH doesn’t eat seafood, so maybe I will take the girls!!


I’m not a seafood person, and I thought it was great. My DW on the other hand loves seafood and she loved Cape May…she ate lots of seafood that night.


I love the clam chowder and the ribs at night.


CMC is one of our favorite restaurants, and we make sure to eat there at least once every trip. There is just nothing better than the corn stuff (you’ll know it when you see it!) and they have a ton of seafood… go back a billion times for more! Yummy! And the best part is that there is a lot for the kids!
CMC is very comfortable, the dessert table is excellent too… And it is always a pleasure to have a reason to go into BC. What a beautiful hotel!!!
You are in for a real treat! Maybe your favorite meal of the trip! Enjoy!


Oh… BTW, never had any trouble with the clams, and I have eaten a LOT of clams! Also have never had any trouble with the other seafood.
The only time I have ever had trouble with food at WDW has been from Mickey bars, and the problem was only because of my total lack of self-control. Someone could have helped with an intervention, for Pete’s sake! I had four in one day, and it really made me miserable!


Now I am excited. All good reviews from you guys. We are going to both the breakfast and dinner during our trip. We decided last year to go there when we walked through going to Beaches n Cream. The aroma was just too much to stand.


We went five years ago and loved it. In fact we ate there twice during the same trip. When we went back the following year however, we weren’t as impressed. The desserts - the most important part of the meal :smile: - wasn’t nearly as good. We haven’t been back since. For those of you who are regulars, has it improved in the past few years?


What characters appear at the Cape May Cafe character breakfast?

Also, Cape May Cafe is at the Yacht and Beach Club, am I right?


Yes its at the Yacht and beach club and I think its Mickey and gang thats there


What other characters (specifically) are at Cape May Cafe’s character breakfast besides Mickey?


sorry kent its not mickey but minnie goofy chip and Dale that are there according to this


Oh, no need to apologize. BTW, thanks for the link! Looks like a fun character breakfast to me! :mickey:


Kent, tigger is right it is Minne, goofy, chip and dale. It was one of the best character breakfasts we have done! Minne is normally by the door to greet you and Goofy was to be found lazing around making everyone laugh. Chip and Dale joined us by sitting at the table for breakfast. My girls had a great time!


I argree Cape May is one of the ones we like the most, both for breakfast (a nice bread pudding) and for dinner seafood and ribs. oh boy, hold me back!!! :whistling :whistling