Cape May Cafe


Clam Bake Dinner Buffet @ Beach Club Resort

Is this part of the dinning plan?


Yes, 'tis.


REALLY… I don’t see it on the dining plan.
Would that be the Cape May cafe… oh dahhhhhhhhhhhh I just noticed it.

I am just a little bored today, if I am trying to figure out dining for September 2008.


We had dinner there on the meal plan in Dec. and also schedualed it agian. It’s there look under yacht & Beach Club resorts.


Dee, oh wow, I wish I could join you for dinner. We love the place. It’s a sentimental fave, adn they have the best corn casserole in the world… don’t pass it up because it looks yucky! Just dive on into a serving of it and enjoy that mmm good corniness! We make it for Thanksgiving and Christmas now…


Yup Dee, it’s on the plan. We’re going again in NOVEMBER :biggrin:


Oh I am putting it on my list, but having to wait a year for a clam bake isn’t nice…