Cape May Cafe


A friend on Facebook was at Cape May and the crab legs are back for good!! I checked on AllEars and it is there as well!!:laugh:


My firend also came back last week and said there were crab legs! WHOO HOOO


We werre there in September and the food was very good… Yes there were crab legs and steamers too.


When we were there in Sept. are waitress told us they were coming really soon. I can’t wait to have some next time.


It makes me think about changing one of my ADR’s for next week to Cape May!


I’m hoping to make a dinner stop there during my upcoming trip. I could make a meal of just crab legs & steamers! (Saving room for dessert, of course. :tongue:)

~ Pam

40 days till my First-ever Christmas Season trip :reindeer:, to CBR with Free Dining!


Wow, Stu will be in HEAVEN ~ its already his favorite buffet!!