Cape May Clam Bake


I need some opinions on the clam bake. I know the menu changes seasonally. Is it worth the travel to another resort for dinner there?


I am rolling the dice and trying it in January. Just go for it!:heart:


Just try it. While we found it was good it wasn’t something that made it to our must do list. We were glad we tried it though.


We went once. While it wasn’t terrible, it isn’t something we’d really want to try again - but then again, other than Biergarten, I’m not a huge fan of buffets…


This restaurant always gets mixed reviews. We went once and it was wonderful and the next year it was truly terrible.

I think it’s worth a try, besides, it is located so beautifully. I would go after an Epcot day and just walk up there


We’ve tried dinner there a few times and it always leaves me wanting more.
Not more to eat, but more variety and more flavor.
I guess we’ve spaced out meals there to about once every 4 years, mostly in hopes that it will finally, this one time, blow me away.


DD loves the place. I think it is OK. I agree with Soundgod. The lack of selection is what gets me. Just not enough variety. The food was good and you can get full but I just think there should be a little more.


We love it… kids included, but we gave up buffets.


We enjoyed Cape May this past April, I’m not sure if it was a night they do the clam bake, but the buffet was delicious. I think I ate my weight in crab legs…seriously!!!


contrarian review,it has made it on to our must do list,the variety for a buffet to me is just right,besides the clams,crab,shrimp in many versions,nice collection of salads ,usually 2 kinds of meat red and something other than,sides were very good and if you didn’t walk all the way around the side on the right of the dining area is different with some interesting choices and yes the adults were stealing the mac and cheeses and the desserts are very good…for the price I believe it is very good…not great but very good and we usually after dinner walk over to epcot and or boat to the studios ,beginnings of a great evening…


Second Sound & Cub. Good meal but not blown away. Of course, I live on the coast so fresh seafood is always just minutes away.


Orlando is 60 minutes to Port Canaveral and 80 minutes to the docks in Tampa.
That’s close enough for fresh.

Then again, I live on the coast too.:laugh: