Capt. Blackbeard coming to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride


A new pirate will be appearing in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Magic Kingdom. Starting on May 20, the projection of Capt. Blackbeard will replace Davy Jones on the fog waterfall in the attraction.

Capt. Blackbeard coming to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride - Orlando Attractions Magazine


i wonder how long he will be there. we will be there in September…


If I had to guess, he’ll be there until there is a new “Pirates” movie that introduces a new pirate “villain”…


Oh, I cannot wait until the new Pirates movie comes out!!! I love those movies!!!


C’mon September Trip … Ready to see POTC and BlackBeard !


Nice…can’t wait to see the new POTC early next week…I will read no reviews, and won’t fight the weekend crowds to see it, though. Equally nice that the ride is keeping up with the story as well.


We going to take the kids to see the movie this weekend and now I really can’t wait for next Friday to get here so we can check out the new addition to the ride. Arrgh matey’s!


I hope that blackbeard is still up come October for my trip…


I think you’ll be fine.

And I forgot to mention, Blackbeard will appear in POTC @ DL as well…


I am Davy Jones fan, but don’t mind a new face for promo purposes.


Excellent! I’m sure it will be amazing.
I can’t wait to see POTC 4!


Blackbeard is being played by Al Swearengen from Deadwood!! Ian McShane is awesome. He and Geoffrey Rush in the same movie is awesome. (I WILL NOT miss Orlando Bloom.)


I love Ian McShane as well as “Deadwood”! That is one series that I seriously miss! Swearengen was my favorite character as well as his “colorful” words… lol Especially one is particular! lol

Also thought HBO was going to do a movie (like they did with Sex in the City) but I haven’t heard a peep about it since they ended the series so soon… 3 Seasons was not enough!

I cant wait to see his portrayal of Blackbeard!


My dh loves Ian McShane. Loved him in Deadwood, Kings, and any other show he’s been in. I bet this might be incentive to get him to WDW in Oct hehe. He plays a gnarly old pirate perfect and I’ve only seen the ads. Cant’ wait to see the actual movie!.:pirate::heart:


We are looking forward to it as well. Not sure if we can wait any longer them tomorrow! :pirate: