Capt. Jack Sparrow


Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can tell me, does Cap. Jack:pirate: put on a little show near the POTC ride? or is that just a fluke thing that they come out to do meet and greets and perform a bit?
If so would I be able to see the times of the shows for August?


What you’re thinking of is Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial. It’s located just outside the POTC attraction. There are several performances a day, check the times guide that day for the exact times. They choose a few children to participate in the show and teach everyone how to be a pirate! It’s a great show ~ Captain Jack is hilarious!


terrific, yes that’s what I am looking for, didn’t know exactly what it was called, thank you!!!


Yep, there is a show and it was still being performed 3 weeks ago when we were there.


It’s one of the best “sleeper” shows at the MK. And Captain Jack isn’t hard on the eyes, either.:whistling


lol love it!!!:flowers:


cool I hope they keep it going till we get there, its one thing we missed on our March 2010 trip:redface:


Yes, and when one of the pirates begins calling everyone around, plant yourself to the far left of the stage and keep an eye out at the fence gate over there. That’s where Captain Jack comes out of to get to the stage. Not too many people see him come around the corner, so you will be able to get a great picture of him.


ooooh thanks for the tip, i am writing all this down!
Thank you!


We saw that too- it’s such alot of fun-


Here is a pic from the Pirate Tutorial from last May (2010) , We just walked up on it as it was starting and our DD was called up to be part of Cap’n Jacks Crew … My Nikon needs to be reset … It says that this pic was taken in 09’ but it was really May 2010 … The whole set on this Flickr account marked WDW (May)… :pirate:

We thought she was flipping Jack the “BIRD” !!!

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Wall thanks for sharing the pic. I am going to have to try to remember to see Jack.


Yes, I am there there every day. Stop over.