Capt Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial


Has anyone seen Capt. Jack’s Pirate Tutorial? Is it like Merlin’s Sword in the Stone? Does Capt. Jack pose for pictures with guests afterwards?


Where did you hear about this? I haven’t seen anything about it but it sounds really cool! :happy:


Allearsnet has it posted as well as Steve Soares WDW entertainment website. It’s a 20 min show in Adventureland (I’m assuming right near POTC). I’m going to WDW tomorrow and will try to check it out (if it’s still showing) but was curious if others have seen it already.


Welcome to DC. I would love to hear more about this in a trip report.


Sounds like something I would like. I hope it isn’t like the thing they had at MGM with the Haunted Mansion and The Lion The Witch…they were not worth the time I spent in line.


It was still showing today :slight_smile: The Jack Sparrow actor was really good. I didn’t get to watch much of it tho, it was just too darn hot. It is right next to POTC. If you decide to ride POTC be prepared for LONG lines. the lines take up the whole area where the strollers used to be parked! I have never seen them so long, but it was fun to see the new additions to the ride.


I know what you’re talking about re: The Lion, The Witch…

But what about the HM??


I know-- they had a “walk-through” Where they re-created the ballroom scene from that classic Eddie Murphie “Haunted Mansion” movie. It was as much of a rip-off as the Narnia one.


Did you say welcome to DC???


Sounds AWESOME! I’ve seen pics of the Capt Jack Sparrow actor walking around Adventureland, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about this show. It sure sounds cool though…


I better ask the Captain about this new PoC event tonight while we are out on our romantic dinner date… LOL!


Yeah, I did. And it’s the WEDWAY PEOPLE MOVER, too.


Oww. Dude, my ears …


Um, bumble, that WAS Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp was the actor who portrayed Jack Sparrow. Lest we forget Jack is REAL!!!


CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, Rowdy.


Yes yes…my mistake :redface: Capt. Jack was great:pirate:


I really hope that Captain Jack is there in October. I LOVE him and want my picture with him!


Oh don’t worry bout that. He’ll DEFINITELY be there. After all, he’s gonna have a BIG role in the Halloween Parade.


I just said the same thing to DH!!! I will be on full Jack Sparrow alert… LOL…


WOO HOO! I will be looking for him!