Capt N Jacks or Crystal Palace


Which one is better? I know they are two different menus and food, but if you had to pick, which one?


I would pick Capt N Jacks! Only reason being I am not much of a buffet person… never feel like i get my money’s worth at a buffet.


Two totally different experiences and different concepts completely. It depends what you enjoy most and where you spend your time at WDW. If you are a DTD fan and plan on being down there that night, then do Captn Jacks. If you would much rather go buffet with characters and and can’t get enough MK, then CP it is. For dinner, I would choose CJ or CP cause I just don’t like CP’s dinner (love their breakfast though) and I love spending my evenings at DTD.


We are doing Captain Jacks this year for the first time. The menu looks good, and it was actually recommended to me by the CM I booked my dining with. We have done CP lots of times and are going back again this year.
Dana has a great point, they are two totally different experiences. Check out the menus, decide if you want buffet or not, characters or not, and let that guide you. Good luck!


Capt. Jacks is nothing spectacular. But we enjoyed it. This was my 07 lobster dinner there.


We have never eaten at Capt N Jacks but I can say that the Crystal palace is Fabulous. Great food, great Atmosphere and Great service ( so far experienced). It’s fun when there are birthdays to celebrate as everyone gets involved and sings along etc.


I’ve only eaten at Crystal Palace for breakfast and it was delicious. Now, having said that I find it hard to get my money’s worth for dinner buffets. I really enjoy going to DTD for evening excusions so if I had to choose between the two I would probably go with Cap’n Jacks.


We’ve never done CP for dinner but are trying it this year and we have also never done CJ at all and are trying it this year.
We have done CP for a birthday breakfast and loved it. They really made it that much more special for us and DS will never forget his 5th birhday that Pooh stuck his chin in his cake. Great pics and if I knew how to put them in here I would show you! Our waiter was great too!
So if it were up to me, I would do both or CP breakfast and CJ dinner. I’m really looking forward to Caseys dinner too!


We’ve never eaten at CJ’s either but really enjoy CP as Ariel says it seems to have everything.


I would def. go with CP. I know lots of people love CJ but I personally have been there three times and never had a good experience with food or service. I havent been in over a year though, so perhaps things have gotten better!


We love CP!


The better question would be Fulton’s or Cap’n Jack’s. Especially if you want seafood for dinner. And given that choice, it’s Fulton’s hands down.
Between your two choices, I’d probably choose CP, unless I was on the dining plan. In that case, I’d order the two lobster tails as Cap’n Jack’s.
It does also come down to what time you want to eat. If you want to eat late, after Fantasmic or Illuminations, or Wishes, Cap’n Jack’s is open after the parks close.
CP only seats up until about an hour before park closing most nights.