Captain EO to return to Walt Disney World


Apparently the return of the 1980’s 3-D film Captain EO at Disneyland has been successful enough that Disney has decided to include the show at all of the Disney theme parks worldwide, starting with Walt Disney World on July 2, 2010.

Captain EO Returning to Walt Disney World Resort

I was never much of a fan the first time around, so this news is greeted with a yawn and a “meh” on my end. However, I know there are those who really enjoy the show and it’s at least nice to see Disney working to keep things turning and that they’re listening to their guests.


I can’t wait! I missed it by a few days at DL. It brings back great memories.


I’m hoping it remains very popular at Disneyland so it will keep people out of the lines I actually want to wait in. :happy:


We saw it at DL a few weeks ago. It was great to see it as the production was the 1st of its kind. The preshow in the waiting area was actually very interesting. It showed the making of the movie and that was really neat. The show itself was pretty dated looking, but it was cool to see Michael Jackson back when he was at his most popular.


So excited about this! One of my favorite memories of EPCOT when I was a little kid & I was TERRIFIED of that witch.haha


Anyone know where this will be showing? Will they be taking away a show to get this one in?


Most likely it will be returning to it’s original EPCOT home inside the “Honey I Shrunk the Audience” theater. That’s what they did in Disneyland.


I think you are right!!
The guy that wrote the blog has replied to this question, and it said that it is taking the place of HISTA, and that Captain EO will run through the end of the year (or longer), and that HISTA will make a return at a date not yet determined.


I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen… :dry:


I agree with you…I don’t think they will bring it back either.
But the guy that wrote the blog answered the following question:

Are there any plans for Honey, I Shrunk the Audience to reopen, or will this be the official, final closing for that attraction?

His answer to that question: “Hi Kerry…It’s planned to return at an undetermined date.”

So I guess we will have to wait and see… I like Captain EO, and I loved HISTA, so I’m a bit torn. I’ll be glad to see Captain EO again, but I hope to see HISTA again someday.


Not really impressed with it then–would be less so now.

The irony of bringing him to a resort aimed mainly at children is incredible.


I saw this on my first visit to WDW in 1992 and it is a great idea bringing it back.