Captain EO?


I was thinking of trying Captain EO this trip, but in the description it is listed as scary. Will it be too scary for a 7 year old?


Its a mild 80’s scary…My middle child was 7 when we went to it last. Suggestion - just dont do it 1st…anything “questionable” I schedule later in the day or trip so the kids have reached that “disney trust” point.


…it all depends on each child…we went twice last summer…(are you sure it’s still there? it was suppose to be temporary and has been back a while now)

Both times we viewed it there were small children taken out in the middle…it’s hard to describe it but it’s like “Batman dark” if that makes any sense…when my daughter was 5 (twenty years ago) we switched off to view it and decided it was not for her then…not the scariness but how loud it is…

There are youtube videos of Captn EO…look at those and see if that helps…

Here is one of them… Capt. Eo - Full Length Video Wide Screen Uncut - Non 3D - YouTube

You can FF thru the intro…there are lots of “cuts” from it on you tube…I didn’t watch this particular video so there may be better quality ones but—you can choose…

Hope this helps…

Oh…and my grown daughter still tells people how I was “so mean” and wouldn’t let her see it before…lol…she has always loved MJs music…


The only thing scary is how loud it is. I’ve seen it once. Once was enough.


I think Micheal Jackson is scary … Thriller gave me nightmares.


Wow, that video literally brought back memories. I had forgotten that I saw it when I went to Disney when I was 5. I have memories of seeing a michael jackson movie with a spider lady, I never knew that I saw it at Disney or that it was called Captain EO lol. Well if I can see it at 5, I am sure my 7 year old can handle it. I will prepare her for the sound effects. Thank you guys again.


For no mere mortal can resist the evil of the THRILLER, MWhahaha


Stupid is more like it. Hated it when it first came out and still hate it.

It’s loud and the chairs shake (4-D.)


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1130369]Stupid is more like it. Hated it when it first came out and still hate it.

It’s loud and the chairs shake (4-D.)[/QUOTE]

Couldn’t agree more. And why, suddenly, is Michael Jackson some sort of folk hero? People sure have short memories. I wish they’d find something else to put there.


It should be listed as lame as all heck. My daughter and her friends went in only to laugh a lot…not scary in the least unless you consider Michael Jackson scary and I would totally understand if you did.


We took our grandson to it when he was 5 at Disneyland and he loved it. He also love The Haunted House as much we had to do them everytime we went while he was staying with us.


I remember seeing this back in ‘87 at Disneyland. And it was state of the art at the time. And I was groovin’ on it. Up to the point when Michael Jackson actually spoke the words, “We’re going in.” and I lost all interest.

Just watched it again with seven and nine year old boys who weren’t impressed with it either, but definitely not scared by it.

Watching paint dry is more entertaining. :pirate:


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[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1130369]Stupid is more like it. Hated it when it first came out and still hate it.

It’s loud and the chairs shake (4-D.)[/QUOTE]

I agree Richard. Dumbest thing I ever saw. What a waste of space and time.


Unless you REALLY want to see it, I wouldn’t waste my time. Ride Soarin’ or Test Track twice instead.



I think next they should put Whitney Houston on there. She’s another awesome role model.


Lol, ok based on the overall feelings about Captain EO. We will bypass it for other fun things to try out.


I think you are making a wise decision. The only thing Captain EO has to offer is a splitting headache - and the horrifying realization that if you were around in the 80’s and 90’s you actually WORE clothes and hairstyles like that!:ohmy:


Lol…true about the clothes…but we loved it…it’s like a long music video from the 80s…and we are all about music and it’s history in this family…so I would see it again! :happy: both my DD and I walked out of there dancing both times.

But then again, we go to rock concerts a lot…so…it’s just our way…cheesy? Sure but it’s part of WDW history…DD took a picture of the Captn EO poster in the lobby and the picture is up in her Choral Music office for her students to see. I think she’s played the YouTube video for them…again…music history.

So…I would see it again. But that’s me…Everyone has their own likes and dislikes----and I certainly respect that…and it’s so nice we can chat about it all here. :smile:


I wouldn’t call it scary, have seen it once, not sure if we will again