Captain Jack Sparrow visits Hospital


Just caught this story and thought you Captain Jack fans might be interested.

Depp spent four hours at the hospital telling bedtime stories to patients dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

…as well as donating a boatload of money.

Johnny Depp says thanks a million to hospital | Herald Sun


Wow…that is pretty cool!


ohh gosh my boyfriend is SO sweet to the kids.


I never even knew his Daughter was sick. That had to be so scary.


Oh!!! he is so sweet. is his daughter OK???


What a fantastic thing to do and such a grateful man.

I do find it interesting that the article has what his daughter was sick from and how it happened. I remember a few months back an article in People that said he’s grateful that his daughter was better from being “sick”. But because he’s private didn’t feel it was necessary to disclose what was wrong with her. I was always curious and now we all know.

Thanks for posting the article.


And because I’m totally neurotic and have nothing else to do on a Friday night, here is the article I was referring to that was in People.

Johnny Depp: Daughter’s Illness Was ‘Darkest Moment’ - Health, Johnny Depp :


While the boatload of money is both cool and quite generous, what’s even cooler and MORE generous is that he took that time personally to do something wonderful for those kids.

A tip o’ the tricorn to Mr. Depp. :pirate:


I heard this story last night. What a generous thing to do with his money as well as his time.


clapping Now that was a nice way to say thanks to the doctors and staff for helping his daughter and just to do a nice thing for some sick children. I think he’s awesome.:heart:


That was an incredible thing to do. Those kids will never forget it.

Heck, It’d be the highlight of my year if I got to see it myself!


What a lovely thing to do.


Oh and another ‘Disney’ type conncection to this story is the hospital Great Ormond Street where Johnny Depp’s daughter was treated is where J M Barrie who wrote ‘Peter Pan’ gave the copyright of ‘Peter Pan’ to the hospital to raise money to treat sick children (this was in 1929)


Such a good story about a Hollywood star…seems like positive stories such as this are few and far between recently.

Bravo for Mr. Depp!!! :pirate:

Prezcatz Paul


Yes, AWESOME . . . considering too that one pound is $2! So that’s two million dollars donated! You can’t put a price on your child’s life and I’m sure it was a scary time for the family! He is so cool! :wub:

This is the kind of story that makes your :heart: happy!


My husband is your boyfriend? :ohmy:

Looks like he’s got some expaining to do when he gets home tonight! :laugh:


He just gets more and more perfect everyday! I think its great a celebrity doing something so positive for a change these days! Especially someone as big as him, and donning the CJS suit once more - priceless!


Ooooh - I love trivia like that! Thanks Dixie. It’s one of those “circle things”!

Johnny is too, too amazing. Imagine those kids’ faces when Captain Jack walked in!