Captains Grille Questions


I know I have started a previous thread for Captains Grille, but I would like to know more. We are visiting in June and have reservations for dinner. We never have eaten there and need some input on what to order. What did you like about the place? What didn’t you like about the place?:huh:


We have eaten there quite a few times – it is not a special experience like most WDW restaurants. There is nothing noteworthy about it. If you are looking for a restaurant in that hotel that is special, Yachtsman’s is much nicer with better food, in my opinion.

However, CG is well-priced, serviceable food. We often stay at Boardwalk, and so it is nice to have CG just across the bay for meals when we don’t want to jump through the hoops of getting into a park to eat.

If I were making reservations in advance of my trip, I probably would not book at CG. But it is terrific for a last-minute sit-down meal if you need it.


I agree with MissDisney this restaurant isn’t bad, but it doesn’t have the hoopla other restaurants have. I would pick Yachtsmen Steahouse, Flying Fish, or Big River Grille over the Captains Grille and they are pretty much in the same area.


I will agree that Captain’s Grille is not as exciting as other WDW restaurants but we had a great server the last time we ate there that we really enjoyed talking to.


I hope I didn’t imply that there was anything wrong with the Captains Grille, it’s just that I would rather eat at other restaurants in that area. The food and service have always been good there and the staff friendly.


No you didn’t it’s totally understood that this restaurant is just fine but it is not a destination which is, at least in our case, very important. I don’t vacation to eat food I would fix at home.

The Captain’s Grille was fantastic for a buffet breakfast. Never had lunch or dinner there. Service was very good, the restaurant was empty around 10 am. Maybe 5 or so tables were taken.