Captain's Grille


I have five more adrs to make for September. opinions needed on Captain’s Grille or Cape May Café at the yacht club…


Had a great lobster at Captians grill but Cape May Buffet is a must do for us. Hard choice I would go with Cape May Buffet.


We’ve been to both. We had a pleasant (quiet) meal at Captain’s Grille a couple of years ago. Both food and service were good. Cape May is a typical buffet, the restaurant is usually pretty busy and loud and the food is good. I think you’ll have a good meal at either one, the big difference is the atmosphere.


I think we are going to do the captains grille, it we are already doing two maybe three character breakfasts. I don’t think we will do character dinners. captains grille menu doesn’t list lobster. they must have changed., thanks fro the input.


I think the choice for Captain’s Grille is the better one.
Cape May, for me should have much more selection of seafood, especially fried shellfish.
I love their breakfast, but I personally feel that dinner is lackluster. And Cape May’s dinner is not a character meal, but several of the buffets in WDW only do character breakfasts and regular dinners.
I will say this about the standardization of WDW eateries’ menus, it makes it easy to issue a blanket statement like “try the salmon”.:laugh:
It also eliminates the worry if you can pay market price for the lobster tails:crying:


I have an ADR for the Grille in August. I ate there once in 2000. I was looking for some non hectic ADR’s and this seemed like a good choice.


Are you planning for breakfast or dinner? The Captain’s Grille has a good breakfast buffet, free of characters…about as relaxing as you’ll find for a buffet style meal at WDW.