Car rental at disney resort


I need a car for a day during my stay at the Disney All-star Movie resort. Is there a car rental company on site or one that services Disney guest.

I need the car to go for a visit to the beach on the west coast. :eek:


Alamo Car Rental is located at the Disney Car Care Center, and a couple of other spots. I have had good luck with rates at the Car Care Center. In fact, sometimes it pays to take the free Magical Express, and rent your car at the Car Care Center. I have really found some good deals. Be sure to check out for discounts.



There’s also an Alamo/National car rental at the Dolphin resort. If you happen to be at Epcot, it’s short boat ride from there.


Be sure to compare the rates, though. I have found the rates at the Dolphin to sometimes be pretty high.

You will be able to arrange shuttle service to pick up your car, no matter which location you use.

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Last month I rented a car only over the weekend while I was at WDW. I got a great rate from Enterprise and free door-to-door service, too. They pick you up at your resort and bring you back after you drop off the car. It was easy!


We rented from the Dolphin location for a one-day jaunt to see family in FL, and had good luck there. The getting there wasn’t too bad from ASMusic, in fact since it was early morning, the Dis bus driver who was taking me to Epcot (where I thought I’d get on a bus to the Dophin), took a detour and dropped me off at the Dolphin’s door!! It gave me a chance to look around the Dolphin a bit before the car rental counter opened. We drove the car to the Dolphin first thing the next morning, and then my wife and DD took the boat to Epcot back-gate by England and started our day there before the crowds. Do check the prices, but for us, time was of the essence and we needed a car seat. Getting the car 10-minutes away from the hotel, instead of getting picked up, taken to the airport for paperwork, then back to WDW to get the family and on our way (then reverse that for the car return) would have taken too much time away from our trip. The extra $20-30 was worth it to us. :smile: