Car rental on WDW property?


Can you get a car rental once you are already at WDW? I’m thinking that a car may come in handy after we switch to SOG. How much is it to rent a car in Fl?


I believe Alamo operates out of the Car Care Centre near MK. I’ve no idea how it much it costs though.


National/Alamo run a rental center at the car care center (near the racetrack) that would be the best location for SOG. Prices fluctuate (SP?) on a day to day basis. National/Alamo does run shuttle buses all day to the rental location from where ever you are, just give them a call (I think they say 2 hours in advance).

Just outside the disney property lines you have dollar, budget, and hertz. I believe they all offer shuttle service as well, but double check on that first.


Thanks, I will go check this out!


Enterprise will also pick you up from WDW properties. SoG charges a daily garage parking fee - $5. And it’s a tight gagage with SMALL spaces.


There’s also a car rental at the Swolphin.


Also, I just read somewhere that they are getting an Alamo rental office at Downtown Disney. If you are going to do a rental car, book early and book the first good price you see. You do not have to put a credit card or any money down to book, so once you book one, keep checking back. The rates do fluctuate ALOT so keep looking you might find a cheaper rate, if you do, it costs you nothing to cancel the other reservation and go with the cheaper one.

Good luck!