Car Rental Question


Has anyone ever rented a car from Payless at the Orlando airport? We usually use Alamo but when I checked prices in September Payless prices were quite abit less than anyone else.


I’ve never rented from them, but that’s mostly because they’re not actually at the airport. You have to take a shuttle from the terminal to get there which is just too much work for me! :wink: I’ve checked them out on various review boards and people pretty much say they’re fine, but you get what you pay for.


Yeah, anything off site will cost less. It is very much worth paying extra to just walk into the rental for me.


I’ve heard of Payless but never used them. For me its all about cost, if I can save some money to use for other things I’ll hop on a shuttle in a minute.


I would stay with Alamo if you are familiar with them. Plus if you have any car trouble, you can just shoot right over to Alamo on WDW property. Why waste your time waiting for a shuttle when you can walk right up to the counter, complete the paperwork, pick your car and go.


Have you checked out L&M rentals? They are at the terminal and often beat the bigger companies prices.