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We got an excellent deal with Alamo for our trip we just returned from. We got a mid size SUV for $90 for 5 days. I don’t know if I just got lucky or what. I went to the Alamo website and got an excellent quote. Then I used “Rate Code BY and ID# 430710” to get my final rate. I think this is a 20% discount. Good luck.


It’s always a good idea to check out for the latest discounts and codes on rental cars. They do a really good job of keeping them up to date. You have to spend some time there and play with the different companies and codes, but it’s always worth your time.


We’re leaving next week and I got an outstanding rate from Alamo just by using the codes on my Entertainment book coupon ($109 total for a full size for a week, taxes & all!). If you really want to get a good rate, it’s important to keep checking back and trying different codes. You’ll eventually find a good one if you’re persistant, and as was already said, check Mousesavers to find lots of codes. I booked and cancelled 3 times because I kept getting a better rate every few days! (If only you could do that with the airlines…)


Thanks For The Tips!!!


This is really useful information. I have been contemplating options for a while. Although Disney buses are very helpful, we have two children and 4 adults that I think might find it easier to have their own transportation to and from the parks and our resort. I am going to look into all of these suggestions. Can I ask though, do you suggest having a car if you are staying in the park or do you suggest just using their transportation?


This is another case of personal preference. People seem to be split on their opinions of this. Some want to have control over where they go and when, and some like to give up driving completely and let Disney take the wheel.

If you plan on visiting anything outside the parks, or hopping to different resorts, then a rental car becomes more necessary.


Thanks for the input! I have been on web sites for rental companies for about two hours and I think the prices are soooooo outrageous! Even with coupon deals. For us to rent a minivan for 8 days it is like $596 as AP holders. I think that is crazy. I just thought it might be easier to get around rather than wait in line for a bus, etc… but at those rates, the small amounts of waiting time are worth it!!! I will check back closer to see if any GREAT deals arise, but so far DME and Disney Transportation, here we come!!!


Oh heck yes. That’s outrageous!

Bookmark the main rental car websites and keep checking for specials. Sometimes they put the minivans on sale for less than a full size.

Another good place to check for rental cars (and they offer you a comparison chart as well) is southwest airlines website.


We always find Thrifty has pretty good rates. I agree with getting teh Entertainment book just for the discounts. They can save you big $$


Thanks for the input! I have been on web sites for rental companies for about two hours and I think the prices are soooooo outrageous! Even with coupon deals. For us to rent a minivan for 8 days it is like $596 as AP holders.

Nokey: That was our experience as well. The jump from a full-size sedan into the van category was quite high.


We always rent a car when we go to WDW. Saves us so much time! Parking is free at the parks and as someone else said, you can just hop to a resort in no time for your ADR’s. We did use WDW transportation from time to time when it was more convenient for ADR’s but coming and going as you please and not waiting for a bus was great!

We’ve always used Alamo with no problems. And there is an Alamo center right on property should you have any problems. You also get to pick your vehicle when you arrive. We usually get a mid-size car (Bonneville) and it is perfect.

If they still have the Orlando Magic Card, go on the website and they have discount codes. We got an additional 10% off. Last year for 11 days, including bringing the car back empty of gas, cost us just under $300.00. Also keep in mind, do not get the rental insurance from them, cost an arm and a leg. Your insurance carrier or credit card offers rental car insurance. They try to scare you into buying it, but don’t!


I got a quote today for a minivan through Dollar Rental at $280.00 and one through National for $299. Not too bad, now I have to try and convnce my DH to rent a car I just think it will be much easier than the Disney Transportation. He thinks… “Why pay for a rental car when we have transportation for free!”