Car Rental


Does Anyone Have A Good Rate Code For A Car Rental … I’ve Been Searching And Can’t Come Up With Anything Decent… Does Anyone Know Anything I Don’t Know??
What’s An Average Price For August For A 10 Day Rental??
Thanks Guys


Do you have an OrlandoMagic or AAA card? They usually offer 10%. When we went in 5/05, OrlandoMagic’s website offered a 10% off discount code for Alamo. I think AAA offers discounts for Hertz, which is very expensive to begin with.

When we went in 5/05, we stayed for 11 days and only paid about $300 which included bringing the car back w/ no gas. Do not accept the insurance!!! Check with our Auto Insurance carrier and/or your credit card company. Credit Card companies usually offer rental coverage and you are usually paying for rental coverage on your auto insurance. That will save you a good $200+ on the rental.


Check Mousesavers. Although I checked them out a couple of weeks ago and didn’t get very good rates. AAA’s discount is strictly through Hertz (I think) which, at Orlando Int’l, is off-site (if that matters to you).

If you’re a member of Costco, I just picked up a coupon at the store with a code on it that gives you something like $15 or $25 off a weekly rental in addition to the Costco member discount. If it’ll help you, I’ll get the code for you when I go home.


Go to mouse savers and get enrolled in the “Emerald Club” It is free through Mousesavers. I think it is with National or Alamo. After I did that I could put my Contract ID in along with other discounts from to get good deals. Also try They check all of the rates for you.


After you sign up for the Emerald Club they will also send you specials via email.


Don’t rent from Dollar the worst service I every had. We did not get the car that we requested and we did not find out until we got to the car. When we went to the booth to complain there computers were down and she said I needed to go back to the ticket area and start over. I told her forget it.
I am also 100% Italian but with a tan look Spanish. They kept talking to me in Spanish, I kept telling them that I don’t speak fluent Spanish and they would speak to me in English only to start in Spanish again. The whole thing was very frustrating.


Alamo is pretty good and is in the airport. You get to pick the car (the class you paid for). They even have a center on WDW property. Came in handy two trips ago for us. We noticed the car was having a little trouble starting after check-in and DH called them. They said to take it right over and get a new car. No problems after that.


Hi, I don’t know if I am too late with this but try FLORIDARENTALCARS.US/ they seem to have great rates.