Car rental


What car rental company is located on property?


Avis is at the DTD Hilton and ALamo is at Shades of Green. Also, Enterprise will do the pick up/drop off plan they advertise. I also know Hertz has at least one location but not sure where.


i also Want to know whichall areas comes under it?



Budget is near MarketPlace and can pick and drop you off


Shades of Green has car rentals in the lobby – Hertz and Alamo, I believe. We have picked up cars there before.

Plus, I like to visit that resort, so beautiful!


Alamo is at the Dolphin and the Disney Car Care Center. We always pick up/drop off the rental car at the Dolphin, very easy to work with, and we’ve never had any problems.


The car rental company at the Care Care Center used to send a shuttle to whichever hotel you were staying…not sure if they still do but I imagine its still true.


Yes, they still do and it’s Alamo/National. We use them like twice a year. The gas station is right next to it. So we gas it up and return.


I noticed Alamo had shuttles stopping at BW last week. I have heard they will shuttle to any resort but cannot confirm that.


No need to shuttle if you rent at SoG – you can use Disney transportation.


From what I understand the shuttle is quicker. Otherwise you are doing a bus hop at a park or DTD. The shuttle goes straight there.


I think most of the hotels at Downtown Disney have car rentals too. I know the Hilton does.

We cannot say enough good things about National Car Rental, so we always rent from them. We were in WDW on 9/11 - as you can imagine it was really stressful and chaotic and everyone was in a state of shock. We had rented a car from National. DH - who just wasn’t even thinking straight, went to the Car Care Center to explain that we wanted to keep the car and drive it up to North Dakota, where a friend would pick us up (no planes were flying of course). Well, he went in there and in his state of shock forgot the rental papers, his license, everything. After hearing our story, the lady at National said “just take the car - don’t worry about anything, just get home safe”. A couple of weeks after we were home we got a call from National asking us if we got home safely and refunding our money - for the entire time we had the car! THAT is customer service - we won’t rent from anyone else now.