Car rentals


We’re looking for car rentals for our disneyland trip and the cheapest we’ve found so far is from enterprise, but we’ve never used them. We were looking for some reviews. Any will be helpful.


For the past two trips I have used, they have been way cheaper than any other website. For my upcoming trip I tried hotwire for the first time, and got a really great deal.


No one has any reviews.


I have used Enterprise several times but not for any Disney trips. I always use for car rentals and you do not find out what car company you have until you have booked; I always seem to get Hertz or Avis.

I have never had a problem with Enterprise; the cars were new, clean and they seemed very automated and efficient.


I’ve used Enterprise here in Baton Rouge during car repairs and I’ve use them I think once in Orlando (not been to DL since I was a kid). The’re fine and in a league with the other majors.

I edited this post when I noticed the one above. I echo the comment on Discount airfare, hotel reservations, car rentals, vacation packages and cruises. I’ve gotten some really incredible deals through them. They are one discount site recommended by

They don’t tell you the company before you pay but they use only 4 or 5 of the majors (I’ve gotten Hertz or Avis with them mostly). You don’t bid, you can see the price before you pay, all fees included.

Good luck!