Car seat question


If we are taking the magical express do we need to bring the car seat from home to install on the bus for our 2 yr old son?



We have 2-yo twins and did not bring our carseats. The bus is one of those nice, fabric-covered-seats charter buses. If you would feel better, by all means do so, but we didn’t feel the need to lug those things through the airport and take up the hotel room space simply for 2 1-hour rides. It’s absolutely personal preference, though.


If you do decide to go with a carseat, a “booster” seat is much easier to carry around. And, they have some cute designs at the Disney shopping website - Search |


I don’t think car seats are allowed for use on the Magical Express. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but I don’t think they are able to be properly installed on the Magical Express buses.
Our three kids are all still in car seats and we never take them with us on our trips, they are very heavy and bulky to carry around, and if we want to take a cab for a break from the Disney transportation, we just ask the concierge to call us a cab that includes a car seat and two boosters, we’ve never had a problem.


The buses don’t have seat belts, so there is no way to secure the car seats.

Cute story (as least I thought so), once we were taking ME and the driver gives the “happy you’re here, let me know an problems, etc” talk…a little girl about 5 raises her hand and her mom says “put it down”, the girl answers “but this is an emergency, there’s no seat belts”.


That is too cute! You have to love kids and the things they say! :laugh:


Oooooo…just had to make another post…number 100!! Countdown calendar here I come…and just in time!!:mickey: