Car seats on the Disney buses?


Here’s something I just thought of…

Do we need to have some sort of a safety car seat for our 14 month old son to take on the Disney buses? I don’t remember ever seeing anyone with one, and I can’t even remember if there are seat belts on the buses (you would think I would have noticed:blush: )!!!

Also, do we need one for the Magical Express buses?

We weren’t going to bring one on the plane (so much cheaper to just hold him!)…but maybe we should?!

Anyone know?


I have never, ever, seen a car seat on any of the buses. I am not sure if they would even allow it. Most babys just have their own seats or sit on laps. I wouldn’t worry about it.


our 18m old son sat on our lap last year.


That’s what I was thinking, but as I was looking at the allears toddler section they had this big thing about how it was required to have a car seat in any moving vehicle.

Just thought I’d check with the experts!! Thanks guys!!


no problem


my daughter had just turned 2 last year when we went and on both ME and
the resort buses she sat on our laps. I don’t remember there being seat belts on either…


You can’t put car seats on ME or the Disney busses. I think they will be safe in your lap. (I got totally flamed on another site for saying that!:pinch: )


there are no belts on the seats, and no anchors to attach the seat to.




besides, where would you put the car seat once you got off the bus???


EXACTLY! :happy:


I can see wanting one on the ME bus to the resort, but don’t see the big deal in not having one on the resort bus. Can’t believe you got flamed for saying that kim…want me to smack someone? LOLOL


if there is smacking around going on - count me in…


Last year we were on ME and the driver said something like sit back and relax unless you have an emergency. So the little girl behind me raises her hand, her mom tries to shush her and the girl replies “this is an emergency, there are no seat belts”


Omg, how cute is that?? :wub:


They say the darndest things don’t they!!:happy:


My son has been going to WDW since he was about 15 months old and of course has never been restrained on any of the buses…but it is a tad dangerous. Don’t you think? I just say a few prayers and hold him as tight as I can on the bus but it has crossed my mind that one of those busses could get into an accident. I am completely anal at home about him and my nephews always being strapped into their carseats/booster seats and I did a lot of research to find which were rated best for safety…I also pass this imformation onto people that I know because I think car safety is so important. I guess I feel a little guilty about throwing caution to the wind in WDW but I do it.


I am TOTALLY the same way. I would NEVER EVER let Nathaniel in a car without a booster…and he’s almost 5. He won’t even let me turn the car on unless he’s belted in! But at WDW, on the busses and such, there is no place for a car seat at all!

And Dana, I SO totally wanted to smack that person! I mentioned that I put Genavieve on my lap and got flamed. Oh well, to each their own.


I’m not so surprised about people not bringing car seats on the buses. Even if they had seat belts, it takes me about an hour to get my son’s car seat strapped in just the right way:blush: !!! Our bus would never leave!!:happy: (All kidding aside, it certainly is not the safest way for kids to travel)

You know what else isn’t safe…everyone standing on top of each other in the aisles! My brother (who is not a small guy) was standing near the back entrance of the bus (by the stairs), and the bus made a sudden stop. He went flying down into the stairway. Luckily, he kind of caught himself, because his one hand hit the door, and it looked as though it would have opened. If he would have hit it with both hands, I’m sure he would have been face first on the pavement.


Our DD was 1 1/2 last year, and we didn’t think about a car seat either. Our only issue was the town car that was picking us up for the airport…but they never showed up and we had to drive ourselves at the last minute anyway, so problem solved!

I just hold tight to Kelsey and think safe thoughts!