Careful planning=MAJOR SAVINGS


We were booked for 10 days, 9 nights at the Poly from May 29 to June 7 with Park Hopper and Deluxe Dining for our yearly trip. We were excited as could be and thought we had it all planned out til I, just for the heck of it, started checking prices again online.

If we cut off one night and come home on Sunday night instead of Monday morning and move to the Wilderness Lodge instead of the Poly, we knock right at $1200 off our bill. Seriously, $1200 in this economy? SOLD. While the Poly is our favorite, $1200 is $1200 and you guessed it, we are now booked for the WL for 9 days, 8 nights.

It never ceases to amaze me how careful manipulation and a little flexibility and you can make a huge difference in price in your Disney vacation. Another good thing is, now we are going to go down in the evening of the 28th and stay at a value resort for the night (room only) and pick up our passes and drop off our luggage the next morning early. So, in reality, we are missing nothing.

Yay Disney! $5200 to $4000 in 20 minutes of checking. Yay! I feel like I just won the lottery.


That’s terrific! I love, love, LOVE saving money! I would feel like I had hit the lottery too.:happy:


I love saving money on a WDW. Unforutnately, I rarely have the luxury of being flexible with my dates, but the search for a discount code etc never ends for me. thanfully, I got lucky while down there for work in January and got a bounce back offer in my room…saved me $627 exactly on my 9 night/ten day trip…was so happy about that.

Congrats on your savings!


Wow, that’s a big difference and the WL is nothing to sneeze at. It would be something to think about if you had to stay at a value or a moderate but the WL is wonderful - congrats to your deal


Thanks guys, my wife and I are running around the house as happy as can be “woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo”! LOL. Now, where is that time machine to get us to the end of May?


Congrats! That’s wonderful!!! WL is really beautiful.


Wow that is some saving!


Congratulations! $1,200. is a big hunk of cash! And you’ll love WL!


Even more savings. Way to go.
We will be at the Villas in a few days and have stayed at the lodge twice. You will love it. Poly is realy nice, but take some time to wander around the Lodge. Look in all the nooks, around all corners and take the stairs to the other floors. There is something new to see around every corner. WL is beautiful.


WL is gorgous you’ll love it i’m sure :slight_smile: plus you cant beat saving 1200 …GOOD JOB :slight_smile:


congratulations on that big savings…keep watching ,maybe there is more to come,but that is great …now don’t spend all that money saved


Good for you!!! Love that you saved soooooo much! Have a FANTASTIC trip!!!


That’s excellent news!!!


wow, that’s great. I always try to search for deals. It’s worth it!


That’s great!


HUZZAH to saving the jingle, you can use it to buy us souvenirs :slight_smile:

As others have mentioned, WL is nothing to sneeze at. You will love it!


We loved WL. It is spectacular!


Check out the Value resorts, save even more!


Congratulations on saving $1200!!! Part of the savings is from not being at a monorail resort. Now you have to take a boat to the MK. But if you know your way around you shouldn’t have a problem. Have a Magical vacation!!!