Caribbean Beach Opinions


I was thinking of Trinidad North is good choice for Dec 2010! :confused:


This is a link to the map for CBR. Trinadad North looks like a great location. When we stayed there we stayed in Build. 14 in Barbados, and although it looks far away from the food court, the walk wasn’t that bad and it was nice and quite. There was a pool right outside the door and also a laundry room.


thanks for the info!


We’ve stayed in Martinique building 26, perfect location, close to the main pool, Old Port Royale and a bus stop. Check out this map:


When we stayed there we were in Aruba, building 54 or 55. There were some advantages such as it was nice and quiet. The quiet pool was perfect… quiet! :slight_smile: We were not far from the bridge to cross the water. Aruba is not the first or the last bus stop, which is nice.

So many people complain about the walking at this resort, but I dont know what they expect. This is a massive resort with over 2000 rooms (I think). It is a nice place to stay and I think any island would be about the same as the others… unless you pay for a preferred room.


thanks for alot of info!


We did Aruba and Jamaica and preferred Aruba but both were good


thanks for the info!


Jeany, we have stayed in the Jamaica buildings and we thought they were perfect as well…


I stayed in the Jamaica on November 18, 1988! I love it! I can’t wait to go back this Dec 2010!


[QUOTE=JEANY031;1052947]I was thinking of Trinidad North is good choice for Dec 2010! :confused:[/QUOTE]Trinidad North is a preferred location village. You have to reserve and pay extra for a preferred location room. You can’t just REQUEST Trinidad North, you have to RESERVE and pay extra for it.


Oh! Which Island and Building has standard rooms?:confused:


Aruba, Barbados, Jamaica, and half of Martinique are where the standard rooms are.

The other half of Martinique is preferred location. All of Trinidad North is preferred location. And all of Trinidad South is Pirate-themed rooms.


Thanks for the info!