Caribbean Beach OR Conorado Springs?


Sell it to me!

Ill be going in June with by boyfriend, we are staying for the first week on iDrive (Quality Inn Plaza) and then the 2nd week on WDW property so these two hotels are our choices. Both come at the same price and neither of us have stayed at either.


If it’s just the two of you, I think you might enjoy Coronado Springs. It’s a convention resort, so it feels a bit more grown up. The pool area is beautiful and it has a huge hot tub. But try and get a room near the lobby - this is a huge resort and the “Ranchos” part seems pretty remote.

On the other hand, Caribbean Beach has the largest rooms of all the mods - but is the oldest (it may have recently had an update). The grounds are gorgeous, lush and tropical - but it is very large and very popular with families, so be prepared for lots of kids, especially in the pool.

I guess it’s up to you - do you feel in a Caribbean mood or a Southwestern mood?


Yeah, that’s how I see it too… if you aren’t travelling with kids, then just choose which theme you want to be surrounded by. Go to Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World and check out the photos of each resort and pick a theme! What a cool thing to be choosing! :laugh:


I was leaning more to the Caribbean Beach but from what Iv heard the main pool is being ripped out from now until September this year? Not sure if its just rumour though. The more I read about Conorado the more I like what Im hearing, I just dont want to be stuck at the back of the resort lol!


We have stayed at both, and we all enjoyed Coronado the most.


We have stayed at both and think the food at CSR is better


I was going to add that tidbit about CBR but you beat me to it :smile:…the tidbit that the main pool is being refurbed. There are still quiet pools, but if a themed pool with a waterslide is important to you, you will definitely want to go for Coronado this time around!


Both are big resorts, but from what I hear CSR is either larger, more spread out, or both. Again, the older resorts have the larger rooms, and sometimes, that extra room is a good thing, even with just two adults.
I’m not a big fan of the mods, but given all choices, these days I lean toward French Quarter because it’s the smallest of the mods.
I know this doesn’t help you much, but you did ask for opinions too, didn’t you?


We have stayed at both, but we did not like CSR. It was geared more towards the convention guests and where our room was was horrible, we were on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator so we had to go through two buildings to get to our room, it was a huge inconveince. If we were by ourselves we could have just took the stairs, but after a day at the park with our tired kids, there was no way we were carrying them up the stairs. We love towel animals and mousekeeping did not leave one and one day they skipped our room from cleaning entirely, not sure why though. But in my opinion, everyone should try them all for themselves. What we may like you may hate, and vice versa. CSR is beautiful, but so is CBR.


Have you considered the other mods? Or have you stayed there before and want to try something new? Because I think I’m safe in saying the concensus of this Board would be that POFQ is definitely the favourite.


We stayed at CSR and, as adults, enjoyed it. Like llama said, it seems a bit more “grown up” than other resorts. It is quite spread out around a lake but it’s beautiful, especially when it’s all lit up at night. Makes for a very romantic walk! CMs drive carts around all the time to pick people up that want a ride to wherever they’re going so don’t let the size of the resort scare you. Lots of fun water activities to do on the lake, too.


It is because I want to try an new resort really, Iv stayed at POR and loved it, would happily go back but I like new experiences. We did venture down to POFQ but there was something unsettling about the Mardi-Gras heads in the food court (I have a thing about puppets lol werid I know)
CBR appeals to me just because it looks so great, especially with the beach and everything. CSR appeals because it wont have the construction work going on and again, looks really lovely. The size of the resorts doesnt bother me too much, Im a walker but Id hate to be stuck in a room at the back of the resort, especially when I want to go for a drink or something!
The other half isn’t as much of a walker but I dont think he’s realised how big either resort is just yet lol!


If CSR is where you want to stay, then that is what you should do. It is a beautiful resort - I think most people on here have kids and the more grown-up aspect of CSR (and the convention centre), doesn’t make it as popular. But with only the two of you - you’ll probably have a great time. Just DON’T let them put you in the Ranchos. As you are with “puppets”, I am with the kind of barren, desert landscape of the Ranchos - just didn’t appeal to me. But the Casitas around the lobby are beautiful - however, be warned that Disney caters to conventions at this resort and the best rooms seem to go to them.


Not weird at all! When I went to WDW in 2002, I was scheduled to stay at CBR…then they decided they would be closing the resort for refurbishment, and we got asked to move our reservation to another moderate. The only one available was POFQ and I was NOT okay with the whole Mardi Gras ‘mask’ thing…my mom had to politely explain why we were not comfortable staying there, and they ended up upgrading us to a Deluxe for a great price.

I have since overcome that fear, and would love to stay at POFQ, but I completely understand where you’re coming from on that issue - when it makes you that uncomfortable, there is no reason to consider staying there!


CSR!! Check out my CSR website below for pics and info.


CSR, CBR is to big!


This does offer the perfect opportunity to try every WDW resort. :laugh: It is our family goal, and we are working towards it. Our favorite moderate is CSR (and we have kids)… so, you never know what your favorite will be until you try them all :happy:


That is our goal as well, but we only have deluxes left. Our fav. so far is CBR.


We are sharing a brain today I see…lol

With it just being two adults going to WDW, i would go with POFQ for a mod choice (who am I kidding, it’s my only mod choice). Here’s why:

  1. romantic setting
  2. small and intimate in size
  3. boat to DTD that runs pretty much constantly after 11am
  4. cool pool bar
  5. excellent food court
  6. great service

it’s my only mod pick…sorry the others are not even remotely appealing to me due to the sheer size of them unless you are renting or driving a car…won’t matter where you stay then because you won’t be a victim to the WDW bus stops at those huge resorts.


That’s exactly how I feel but w/ CSR.