Caribbean Beach or Port Orleans Riverside?


DH would like to go back to Disney in the beginning of November 2012. We usually stay at Pop Century, but we are thinking of trying one of the themed rooms this time…either the Princess Tiana rooms at POR or the pirate themed rooms at CBR. Just wondering which resort everyone likes better?
Please give me pros and cons of CBR and POR.


I haven’t seen either of the themed rooms, but as far as resorts, my vote would be POR. CBR was nice, but seemed too big, and the amount of bus stops got kind of old near the end of the trip. I also like that you have the boat to DTD from POR. That’s a great perk.


either… I think that they would be so fun!


Our last two trips were to CB and POR. Both were great, so I think it’s just a matter of personal preference. We’re planning to go back to CB next trip.

Biggest pros: POR is a little more compact, and the boat to Downtown Disney is really cool. Front desk, store, food all in one building was convenient. CB has 2 hot tubs, you can see the Epcot fireworks from the beaches, and we thought the counter service setup was more efficient and varied.

Biggest cons: POR counter service food area really got crowded in the service area and we thought we waited far longer in lines. We also thought the bus service wasn’t quite as good especially to-from the Animal Kingdom area. CB is really big and you need to drive or take a bus to the “front desk” building if you need to go there during the week. Request a building close to the pool and main building.


We haven’t stayed in the Carribean Beach resort, but we just got back from POR less than a month ago and we LOVED the resort. It was not the Wilderness Lodge or Poly, but only because of location. The grounds were beautiful and we got an updated location in the mansions. We loved it!


We’ve stayed at all the MOD and POR is without a doubt our favorite.
I really didn’t like how big CB was, or how it was laid out. We also like the QS at POR better.
Good Luck!!


Here is what I think about all of the resorts. Well, almost all of them… I think that the preference really comes down to things like -would you like the city atmosphere or the back woods of Louisiana atmosphere… kinda questions. I have stayed at both, and the thing that I remember is the time my mom got me laughing on the bus, and I almost dropped my sleeping child walking to my room from laughing so hard at her. Doesn’t matter where that happened, but that is what I remember about that resort.

Choose your preference for do you like pirate or princess better? From there, it is the memories you make that matter…


We have never been to POR, but we did stay at the old Dixie Landings.

We have been to CBR and really like it there. Both times we were in the Jamaica 45 building. It is one of the first on the bus line for both pick up and drop off so it never seemed that bad. A quick walk over the bridge and we were at the pool and the food court. In addition the Water Sprites were a HUGE hit last time we were there. One of the biggest smiles I have ever seen on my daughter.

Hope this helps,


I guess I have a soft spot for POR because it was our first Disney Resort - it had just opened (under the name Dixie Landings) and everything was so perfect. There was a doorman there who just so nice - especially to my 6 year old - he used to say “here comes my dancin’ girl!” whenever he saw her - (the kid never walked, just danced her way along)and memories like that are priceless. So I guess my preference would be POR…like Hanwill said - it’s the memories…

We stayed at CBR once for just a couple of days and I loved the landscaping - really beautiful - but I would still lean toward POR. This is so silly, but the
thing I always remember was the zydeco music playing softly in the background - don’t know if they do that anymore - but it just was such a nice touch and really made you feel like you were on holiday - far away from the depressing real world. So - I guess what I’m saying is my choice is purely sentimental. BUT - it’s a great resort - we loved the food court and the store was one of the best - taking the ferry down to the marketplace was a treat too. Sometimes in the evening we would walk over to POFQ for beignets. Lots of good memories…


I have stayed at POR, and I will be staying at CBR in 3 weeks! I’ll be writing a report with pics, so keep an eye out for that review.

I liked POR very much…loved the atmosphere. My favorite thing to do was take a late night swim in the quiet pool that was right outside of our building in the Aligator Bayou section…so relaxing!
The boat to DTD was nice, but I remember it taking a while since we had to stop at POFQ as well.
Every resort has its pros and cons, so like Hanwill said, decide if you prefer pirates or princesses, and go from there!


I’ve stayed at both and we prefer CBR. However, we stayed in Aruba or Jamaicca and that is the prime spot at CBR as you are just a short walk over the bridge to OPR and first on the bus stop route. I believe the pirate rooms, while super cool, are located in some of the remote buildings that are last on the loop and far from OPR. Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong.


I think it is that way for all specialty rome at all resorts…


I love POR. I love the theme and the wonderful, quiet tranquility. It is so peaceful and lovely with the river winding through the middle. The little paths, and the boat rides to DTD. It just looks so southern, so old South, so Lousiana Bayou, and so welcoming. The restaurant is delicious and the food court is so good, and you can walk to POFQ and get beignettes, and use their pool as well as the one at POR. That’s my choice. Saying this, I have not stayed at CBR, to this point, I have not been interested in it.


If you can’t deal with stairs, you’ll need to be forceful about having a first floor room at CBR and in the non Mansions sections of POR. These are two floor buildings that don’t have elevators (as I learned personally, much to my distress last month!).

Now, we’ve only stayed at CBR once and for one night and we’ve now stayed at POR twice for a total of 4 days. My own choice of mod is CSR, but between your two choices, they’re a coin flip in my book and there’s not much difference between the two, unless you are staying for one of the themed rooms.


last year, you would have heard from me that CBR is my favorite moderate resort, hands down. I love the theme, the layout (even though its big).

However, last year, we stayed there, had two rooms (we are a family of five). Every day we got up and there was trash in our “hallway”. . the same trash, and piles of it. We called after the second day, asking that someone come clean it up. We were there an entire week and it never got cleaned up.

Both the hot tubs were full every night (with young adults having a few too many beverages).

– I realize that both of these scenarios can happen at any resort –

I do believe POR has undergone some renovations and it may be the new themed rooms (someone on here knows, I am sure). I have stayed there when it was the old Disney Landings.

We did just stay at Port Orleans French Quarter and we loved it!

Good luck with your choice. Not sure this helped, you really can’t go wrong with any Disney resort.


My favorite is POR,the old dixie landings,it is just wonderful,the only negatives I can give you is they have one jacuzzi,and the food court is not on tables in wonderland,the rest are all positives…


and i just noticed I am in the double digit club,FINALLY


POR ALL THE WAY!!! It is a B-E-A-UTIFUL resort :happy::happy::happy::happy::happy:


My vote is for CBR…I love the theme and the resort is beautiful. Ask for Martinque building 26 and you won’t be disappointed, close to Old Port Royale, the Main Pool and a bus stop; sure it’s a preferred location, but so worth the extra cost.


I agree about the Pirate Rooms being farther away. We stayed in one and enjoyed our stay - it did get old walking so far to eat. I have not stayed at POR. But, just pick the room theme you enjoy and go for it!