Caribbean Beach Q


Does anyone know for sure if the rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort have room safes in the wall by the open closet area?



Yes, all rooms have a safe. I am not sure exactly where it’s located, but I want to assume it’s like every Disney resort and in the closet area.


Thank you!!!


Caribbean Beach Resort Room Tour - Disney World - YouTube


…just remember to take your things out before you leave…I forgot last summer and came home with the key!!! I was so mad at myself…I have used a safe for years in many countries and never once left the stuff!!! :laugh:


oh my goodness! I haven’t done that yet! The new safes at Art of Animation are programmed with a four-digit code you choose. No keys. I keep my driver’s license in there when I fly down - can’t lose that!


POFQ is still key…even after the update…and I had the key with me…packed up…went to get breakfast before checking out…and honestly did NOT remember the safe until I unpacked at home that day…by then WDW had already tried to call me. I think my old age is catching up with me!! This trip I only had cash in there. I can’t imagine how someone would feel from overseas who got to the airport without their passport from the safe!!! :eek:


That would suck on ice!


I like the idea of a 4 digit code, and that would be awful to leave your passport behind! I’ve stayed at CBR and used their safe before as well.


That exact senario happenned to the in laws of the guy sitting next to me on the plane coming home. He wasn’t sure if they would make the plane and was commenting on how organized his mother in law usually is.

They made it but, seriously, as soon as they boarded, the door was shut and flight attendants were stowing thier bags for them while they were seated and the plane started to taxi almost immediately. Talk about a close call!

My husband always looks after the safe contents but I think I will do a double check from now on, just to be sure.