Caribbean Beach Resort- First Stay!


My kids and I will be staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort for the first time in September. Does anyone have any tips? We’ve only ever stayed at Value resorts so this huge resort is going to be a totally new experience for us! :blink: Looking for tips on getting around, to-do’s… not to-do’s… you name it! I’ve read all the reviews but I want to hear about personal experiences! I’ve always wanted to stay in a Moderate but I have to say I’m a little intimidated by the size! :blush:


I’ve said this before in previous posts, but I’m glad to say it again. We LOVE Caribbean Beach; our favorite section is Martinique building 26, at this location you are close to Old Port Royale, the main pool and a bus stop. You can’t go wrong! Enjoy your trip.


We just stayed in Building 54 in the Aruba section.
For me, Caribbean Beach is much too spread out for my liking. I say this because it makes it necessary to have 7:eek: bus stops while the most any other bus stops is 5. That’s the Epcot resort loop when all 5 resorts are sharing and Port Orleans, again, when Riverside and French Quarter are sharing.
We found that over our 4 days and 3 nights, we only took the bus one time (to the MK) and drove the rest.
Sure it helped that we have an AAA Diamond parking pass, but still, CBR has way too long of a route for my liking.
But we all already know that I’d rather stay at Wilderness Lodge or Contemporary with AKL and CSR (Casitas section) as my preferred alternates. If I’m on a budget, it’s Pop Century.
I think you can sense that I want express service between my hotel and my destination, or as close as possible with only one or two stops, three at the most.
As for the resort itself, the truth is, other than some architectural differences, under the skin, they really are all the same. That is to say, they all offer equal levels of service and hospitality.


We’ve stayed at CBR 4x and like it. We like the Aruba and Jamaica sections. Short walk across the bridge to the main pool and food court. We’ve never had trouble with the busses at all. We may have been lucky, but no problems. It’s a beautiful resort with a laid back feel.


I haven’t stayed at CBR in many, many years but we did like it when we stayed. I have a little soft spot for it because the bus I took home from work everyday on my CP also stopped there. It is a nice short ride to DHS.


I say go with an open mind and enjoy.


We only stayed at CBR once - and just for overnight - many years ago. All I remember is that the grounds and landscaping were so beautiful. I know that’s not much help - but like Dana said, go and enjoy a new experience.


It is our favorite moderate of all. I want to say we stayed in the Jamaica section which is the first stop in. You always get a seat and you are the first ones to be dropped off on the way “home”. In addition to get to the pool or the food court you just walk across these two really cute bridges.

You are far enough away from the pool that it is peaceful, but close enough to pop over whenever you feel like it.

My DW likes it better then the deluxe resorts but only because it is such a great value.



We will be there also in September’s 23 to october 3.we have stayed here before…this was the only resort available for free dining


We’re back at CBR June 13-15.
These days CBR seems to be giving the best passholder rates and these rates are not that much more expensive than the values.