Caribbean beach resort internal transport


can anyone give more info on this thanks


Internal transportation means there is a bus that drives around the resort constantly to take you from stop to stop and eventually to the main building. I would imagine it takes about 20minutes to go full circle. I would also imagine this would be in addition to the park transportation which can also be used at internal if you are smart about it. What other info do you need?


CBR is a fairly spread-out resort. There are 8 bus stops, one at each of the six guest room villages, one at old Port Royale (the complex that has the food court, main pool, shops, etc.) and one at the Custom House (the building that has the front desk … basicallythe “main lobby” of the resort).

If your room is farther than you care to walk to/from the Custom House or OPR, you have the option of taking the Internal Shuttle bus instead of walking.