Caribbean Beach resort Review - Great


Funny but I was preparing this and saw Tinker’s review up as well. I limit this report to the resort.

8 Night Stay at CBR, no car, Me, Wife, and 8 and 6 yo boys. Dining plan.
Weather was great, 80’s to High 70’s.

Checked in at 4pm, took about 25 minutes. We had a preferred room in BLDG 31. Room was ready.

Went there, very clean except for two pieces of cinnamon toast crunch and a floss-pick under the vanity. Room was nice sized and quiet. I couldn’t get 3G for the ipad in the room, I had to go out. Plenty of drawers.

Bud transportation was very good resort to park. Never waited for a second bus, often only a few families at the stop. Sometimes it took a few stops around on return, depending on which entrance the bus used. The only poor trip was to Typhoon Lagoon. After 1pm the bus goes to DTD first, making it about 40 Min to Typhoon lagoon.

Internal shuttle came often, but you could ask the park buses if they were going by your destination as well.

House keeping for us was fine, except they kept taking the pool towels back, I was saving them to take to Typhoon Lagoon.

Food court and shipping were ok, not bad selections. You get a sand pail with the kids meals.

Pool was great. Completely fenced in so the boys could run around. It was right next to the bar and had a great play area. Quiet pools were almost empty, very clean.

The grounds were very well kept. Beaches were combed and the new wooden deck was great. Lots of paths and vegetation.

On day 7 my 8 yo hit his chin on the quiet pool. It was pretty well torn. I called 911 from the room and Reedy creek came with 4 paramedics. They said it would need stitches. The village manager Romeo also showed up. He had a cab there and vouchers for both trips to celebration hospital. He also got us a late checkout on our last day to make of for the time lost.

This was I think my 21 or 22nd trip and I have very high marks for CBR. Clean and visually pleasing. Good bus transportation and very good staff.


I’m glad you enjoyed CBR, that is one resort I would like to try sometime. I am sorry to hear about your son’s chin. :frown: I hope he is feeling better, and that it is healing well.


They gave him dermabond instead of stitches. I took the 6 year old to epcot during the ordeal. He was at DTD three hours later. Here they are at the same pool.


So glad you had a good experience with what sounds like perfect weather! I hope you’ll be posting a full TR. :mickey:

How great that they were able to use the dermabond instead of stitches! I’m glad the whole thing didn’t take long and he got to return to the fun so quickly.


Soory About the floss thingy.

Just mail it back to me.


I’m glad you liked CBR, it’s one of of favorite resorts. Sounds like the weather was perfect.


So glad to read your review!!! We are staying at CBR for the first time in August and TInker’s review had me really worried!!!


I am SO HHAPPY to hear your trip went great at CBR.
It is a beautiful resort.
The pail is a pretty cool idea.


We love the CBR and never had a bad experience! Its our favorite Mod.

We head there on Monday. Have a great time in August!