Caribbean Beach Resort vs. All Star Resorts


Hello all. I’m planning a trip to WDW next summer and need some input. I’m trying to decide if it is worth it to spend an extra $700 to stay at the Caribbean Beach (or another mid-range resort) vs. staying at an All-Star Resort.

Let me give you my background to better help you all! I’m a west coast gal who has been to Disneyland more times than I can count. I’ve only been to WDW once (in 2001) and I stayed at All-Star Music with a friend and we had no problems with it. I am kind of on a budget for the WDW trip as I’m taking my mom for a surprise trip to DL next month for her 50th birthday and I’m spending a ton!

The group will be myself, my boyfriend (this will be his first trip to WDW and the trip next month will be his first to DL), and his six year old son who has never been to either park.

I would just like to know everyones input on where they have stayed, if they would stay there again and if it is really worth is to shell out the extra money for a mid-range resort. Any info would be much appreciated. Also if anyone has any pictures that they have taken at the resorts I would love to see them! Vacation pictures show so much more than the WDW website pics!

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


If you are on a budget I would think the All Stars would be the way to go. I know my boys would have loved the All Star Sports when they were 6. The AS resorts tend to have younger families and I have been told can be a bit loud, but again, with a 6 year old, sounds just right.

We are a bit older ( ok a lot older, lol ) and like more of a subdued, low key environment so we tend to stay at the moderates or deluxes when budget permits.

Either way you go, even a bad day on-site at WDW beats pretty much anything else!


It is always hard to justify to others upgrading hotels. I don’t know how much you value the resorts, or how much you value $700. For some, $700 is a ton of money, and for others, $700 is pocket money. It really depends on the value you put on all those things.

For me, I would have a hard time justifying the $700. That could easily pay for all our meals there. However, for others, a moderate is a huge jump over a value, and it is worth the money.

You must be staying for a long time, 10 nights or so?


I have not stayed at a Moderate, so I don’t have firsthand experience…but I can tell you that if I was really on a budget, I would definitely go with an All-Star. I LOVE All-Star Movies and think it’s worth staying there to save a few pennies.

BUT…(there are a couple buts :smile:)…when I take DH for his first trip to WDW, I’m going to really try and stay at a Moderate. I just think it would be nice to have the extra atmosphere, room, and comfort for his first trip. In the past when I stayed at an All-Star, it was with my best friend (who had already come to WDW with me several times.) So it didn’t really matter; we were never in the room.

That’s a really tough decision. Since it is their first trip, my first inclination is to go for a Moderate. But since you’ve got that big DL trip to worry about also, I’d say saving that $700 is a better idea! :rolleyes:

Good luck making your decision! Either way, I’m jealous that you’re taking trips to WDW and DL so close together!! :mickey:


Hi twist! Welcome to DC! If you have stayed at All-Star Music and you had no problems with it, then I say pocket the cash and use it to eat drink and be merry in good style!!!
CBR is lovely (and I am sure you will hear from CaribbeanBeachNut, one of the DCers who loves that resort!), and you would love it. But $700 is a lot of money, and how much do you want to be in your room, anyway?


If your budget it tight, stay at the value resorts, and save your money on other things. As MissDisney said, how much time do you want to spend in the room??


I have never stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort, but I had to go there on business one day last week. It was my first time going there and I was not impressed. I thought the lobby was very plain and the grounds (the part that I saw) wasn’t special. I didn’t see the rooms, so I can’t give you a review on those.
I prefer the Polynesian over any of the resorts with the All Star Movies coming in a close second.


If you are on a budget pocket the $700 and stay at a value resort. If you have stayed at one before you know what the resort is like so there won’t be a let down when you arrive. $700 could be food money for a week for one person, that’s pretty big.

By the way, welcome to DC!!


Hi! Welcome to DC!

I can only add to the others and say go for the value resort (you’re still on property!!) 700 dollars can be used for lots of other stuff to make the trip even better!


Welcome to DC! We stayed at All Star Movies this past April with my 2 sons, 6 and 4, and my daughter, 1, and my kids absolutely loved it! It was the perfect environment for kids because it was so Disney. With that said, we are in the same boat–we want ot stay at the CBR next time but the extra money would go along way. If we stay at a mod we will have to get 2 rooms (same as at the value-but it is still cheaper). Good luck with your decision!


Thank you all for your warm welcome and your wonderful advice! I’m not booking until January, so I’ll keep all your advice in mind and I’ll continue to come back over the next two months to read your words of wisdom!

You guys are great to reply so quickly! Thanks again! :smile:


I have to agree with Mickey. It really will depend on what $700 means to you. Myself $700 is a ton of money and I would stay at the All Stars and use the $700 for other Disney things.

But I will say this. On this last trip we got to see a few more of the resorts. The Grand Floridian is just that - it is Grand. We have ate at the Contemporary and the Beach Club, been to a show at the Polyneasion and seen Coronado Springs. I have not been in any of the rooms at any of them but I feel the most “Disney” at the All Stars.

Don’t misunderstand - if I could afford it I would stay at a moderate or deluxe but it would be on a trip that my intension was to relax and enjoy the hotel. If I am not going to be at the hotel very much - it’s All Stars. :mickey:


Here’s another vote for saving the cash – unless you feel this is a once in a lifetime sort of trip and plan to spend a lot of time at the resort. In my experience at both the All Stars and the Moderates, I’ve found that the AllStars are great places to come back and crash to when you’ve been out all day. They’re clean, simple, and the pools are fine. For that matter, I’d even recommend Pop Century, because it’s the newest one of that clases.
I think the child travelling with you would enjoy the giant icons and the Values are great places to stay at.

On the other hand, though, if you are staying for a longer period, and want to relax more than go to the parks, then I’d say spend the cash. CBR is beautiful. I have stayed there four times now and the most recent time, I was there for 8 days and really loved the scenery and the atmosphere. However, if I could get an equivalent deal at a Deluxe, I’d opt for that in a heartbeat – that is when I’m not so much Park Hopping but relaxing.

In your case, I think it’s sweet that you are going the extra mile for your mom, and the All-Star should be fine. Which one did you choose?