Caribbean Beach Resort


We will be staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort for 11 nights in April, I believe there is a pool bar but I can’t remember if they serve snacks (ex: nachos, etc). Can anyone help with this?


We’ve stayed at CBR 4 times and we never went to the pool bar but once for a virgin daiquiri. Sorry I’m not of much help but we love CBR! Check if it has food the menu will be on that site.


We hung out by the pool every day and I remember seeing a pool bar, but we always brought our own adult beverages in a thermos to save a little extra cha-ching for “dinner drinks”.

I know they did not offer poolside service (unlike CSR) but the food court is right next to the pool (which happens to be a VERY good food court). When we were hungry, I completely bypassed the busy bar and headed straight for the food court (many people were in their bathing suits in the food court as well) and brought everything back to our chaise lounges…

Sorry that didn’t directly answer the question but you may have a much better selection of food options if you walk a few extra steps indoors in lieu of the pool bar…


Thanks papbear! We were having nachos the other night and the kids got to talking about Disney and wanted to know if we were able to get nachos poolside at Disney like we did at Universal last year; they thought that was really cool. As long as DH and I can get a drink and the kids can get a snack from somewhere we’ll be good!


No food at the Banana Cabana at CBR. . but the food court is right inside and you can grab lots of snacks. Have fun! One of our favorite resorts!!