Carnival Cruise then Disney


Plan on cruise and then Disney…options for getting from Port Canaveral to Disney. Any help would be great.


Um, Quicksilver!! Or maybe a shuttle from one of the hotels close to port?


We have done Quicksilver from the port and I would recommend them. This time we are renting a car one way because we need to kill time before a flight and are not just going one place.


Definately Quicksilver. I find their price is not much more than Disney (Meers) transfer and a WHOLE lot nicer.


Quicksilver!!! We actually went on a Carnival cruise and then went to Disney last year! it was awesome! We drove down because we live sort of close so we had our own car to take us to Disney!


Thanks everyone for advice . Have decided to get a car as my husband now wants to add two days at universal to the mix. He I am not fighting Sept. 19-Oct 1 st on vacation sounds great to me!


I agree,but we have always used tiffany towncar…I don’t know if there is a difference in price…but if you go that way ask for renyatta.she is GREAT