Carriage rides at Ft. Wilderness


Looking for a little something special for my horse lover DD12.

Heard about the carriage rides at Ft. Wilderness - daytime and fireworks rides, I believe…anyone tried these? What did you think? They are reasonably priced, but I didnt remember anyone reporting about them…


I don’t know if it is worth it or not cause I have never been on one. I believe they are around $35.00 (or so) for 30 minutes.


They do them at POR too!


did you do one there? what was your overall impression?


It’s $45! I commented to my friend when we walked past the sign this past weekend, so I remember it! :happy:


We did one at POR and thought it was great!! They took us around POR and POFQ the driver took pictures and was very fun!! I thought it was worth it and fun and different!