Carribbean Beach Refurb


I was just reading the weekly Mouseplanet WDW Update and there was a mention that the guestrooms at CBR are going to be refurbished with a “Finding Nemo” theme on the bedding, etc. I am all for guest room refurbishment but Nemo at CBR seems a bit silly. Anyone else think this is weird?



I think it kind of works.
Nemo and tropical go together…I think…


Nemo isn’t to much of a stretch, but a Pirate theme would be perfect. Not necessarily an overly eloborate theme, but tasteful, casual and full of whimsy.



Interesting. I wonder if this will start a trend with other resorts.


Um - let’s see - Caribbean Islands + Great Barrier Reef of Australia…I think that’s a bit of a stretch. The Pirates theme would be much more authentic - maybe not the Black Pearl - but Elizabeth’s bedroom looked pretty nice…


I would be willing to give up a stay at a DVC for a Pirate theme room. That would be cool. :cool:


A Finding Nemo theme at CBR seems like a bit of a stretch. Seems like they could have themed it after other things besides Nemo.


Nemo - NO!

Pirates - YES!


[QUOTE=mairinmaureen;853649]Nemo - NO!

Pirates - YES![/QUOTE]

Exactly! Nemo, while adorable, doesn’t work.


I’m with y’all PIRATES would ROCK!! This is our favorite resort (so far) and that would just make it that much better!


love the idea of pirates- but not the thought of sleeping with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom all over the sheets:laugh::redface::laugh:


I can’t say I find either of them working. I don’t think the pirates themeing at Old Port Royal works that well and Nemo is just too cute for CBR. Now a refurbishing of one of the value resorts to a Nemo theme would be really cool!!


They are doing Pirates!!! Check this out!!!

Orlando Sentinel - Pirates of the Caribbean Beach Resort on Tourism Central Florida


Based on the pictures that I saw, looks like we may not be staying at the CBR in the future. We do not have kids and this looks a little too “kiddified”


[QUOTE=momofaprincess;857010]They are doing Pirates!!! Check this out!!!

Orlando Sentinel - Pirates of the Caribbean Beach Resort on Tourism Central Florida[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the link. That looks awesome!


I don’t have kids either but, I must admit, I am somewhat impressed. I think it looks like fun. Regardless, I don’t think you need to steer clear of CBR completely. It looks like they are only converting a few hundred rooms in the Trinidad section, just ask to stay elsewhere.


Thanks for the link. Did anybody else notice they mention the quick service dining plan option?


I did–so I posted this link also in the 2009 dining thread that’s open too


Oh good! I am sure there are lots of folks who would be interested in seeing it. :slight_smile:


Nemo would limit the appeal to young children. The pirates idea would have a broader audience. As a parent of teens, I think a Nemo theme might actually keep us form choosing CBR. But maybe that is the goal – to set up the resort as being specially designed for families with younger kids!