Carribean beach!


We are leaving on saturday and staying at the carribean beach resort!!! when i did online check in it said “pirate package” does this mean the pirate rooms!!! i will be soooooooooooooooo excited if that’s what we are staying in!!! my mom had a heck of a time booking the trip so i think AAA did this as a customer service! keeping my fingers crossed!!!:pirate:


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I know the pirate rooms typically cost a little more per night than the standard rooms. Do you know if you paid a little more?? That is one way you might be able to tell. I had booked a pirate room for my upcoming trip and had to specify that I wanted a pirate room but I eventually decided to upgrade to the Beach Club.

Also I am not sure but I have heard that all the pirate rooms are in the Trinidad building. I guess that does not help though because you will not know what building you are in until you arrive.


If it references the pirates, I would guess that is where you will be staying. The rooms are a premium price, so you may want to check your itinerary or billing info.
We stayed in the Pirate Section of CBR in March/April this year, it was great. Well worth the upgraded price to experience it at least once. It was a lot of fun and I hope Disney incorporates more of these types of themes throughout some other resorts.
Have a great time!!:pirate:


We didn’t pay any more or ask for a pirate room (my mom didn’t know about them yet), but she had a lot of issues with AAA while booking and the regionsl manager said they would do something special for us. I am so hoping it’s pirate rooms! That’s the only thing I can think of. Why else would our intinery on online check in say pirate package?


I’d say AAA upgraded you with no cost to you! I hope that’s the case since you sound so excited about the pirate rooms. :mickey:

Have a great trip!