Carrot Cake Cookie


What is the name of the place in DHS that carries the Carrot Cake Cookie and where is it located? In my mind I am picturing it close to Sci-Fi Restaurant!

I can not seem to find this information on Allears!

Thanks a bunch!



It’s the bakery behind the Sci-fi - Writers something or other…:blink:


It used to be called “Buy the Book” after Ellen deGeneres bookstore in her old sit-com. Now it’s the Writer’s Stop. Don’t know why they changed the name - the old one was cuter. Anyway, yes, it’s sort of behind Sci-Fri Diner. Same building. You can also buy them at Goofy’s Candy Shop at the Marketplace.


Love the Writer’s Stop, such a nice place for a break.


Ahhh Writers Shop! Yes!

I cannot find anything about it on allears or the WDW website!

Thank you for your help!



Writers Stop is my secret haven! It’s such a cute little palce to kick back and relax, munch some cake and browse the book shelves. It’s almost always empty when I go in so it’s a super quiet break from the mayhem of the parks!


It would be nice if they had one of these type places @ every park for those who want to escape for 15 mins or so from the chaos of the parks.


SSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!! You’ll give away my wifes must hit secret at HS. It’s a must do each trip for her.


OMG Carrot Cake cookie, my favorite snack at WDW!!


I’m definitely adding this to our “new places to try” list.


Just been looking at the menu for this
The Writer’s Stop, Hollywood Studios - Menu
It all sounds yummy :laugh:
We will definitely have to try this next time! :happy:


The secret is out :eek: gotta find a new one… :glare:


I apologise! We can just keep it our secret though! :laugh:


Sure… Secret… :rolleyes: haha!


Haha! Ohh I am so excited to go back to Disney… this site makes me extra extra excited!!! :laugh:


Excited! :happy:


Yes indeedy! :laugh:
Which month are you going?


We will be going back in August. Soooo excited since I haven’t been there since aug 2010. Made a promise to go back every two years instead of every year so we could take some relaxing vacations in between. Last year was awesome vacation to Phoenix. Grand canyon has no words to discribe it


Oh wow! That’s fantastic. We’ve been every two years because we can’t afford to go every year. The ONLY thing I hate about the Florida trip is the flight. I absolutely hate flying, so I’m not looking forward to that! :glare:
It’s all worth it though when you can see the ground and you know you’re in Florida!! :laugh:


Me and my daughter adore Writers stop. It’s where we usually hang out when my DH and MIL are watching the Indiana Jones or or Star Tours. It is such a great little hideout and the last time I was there I brought a fabulous Mickey mouse statue with a plate on his hand that is now in our Kitchen and we put our loose change etc on it.