Carry-on stuff


Has anyone carried on snacks for the kids? I want to have stuff for the room that I know my kids will like, and also want to have it for the plane. Will they give me problems if its all packaged? I have goldfish crackers, cookies etc… I would prefer to put it in zip-lock bags to save space.

If we weren’t flying stupid Air-Tran, I would probably take another suitcase, but they charge for them now :angry:. I figured that I’d also carry on the kids clothes & our shoes. Has anyone encountered difficulty with any of the above?


You probably know the no-no is sharp objects (knives, etc.) and liquids. All liquids have to be in a quart zip-lock (per passenger). They don’t seem to strictly enforce the 3 oz. rule but I wouldn’t push to far above that. I doubt “dry” snacks are a problem. Also, remember you have to take the ziplock bag out at security, so don’t bury it in the bottom of a carry-on suitcase. I’m pretty sure you can bring on drinks like bottled water that you bought inside security. If you bring medicines that will be above the oz. limit, have them in the original prescription container (or the prescription box it came in). Of course, make sure carry-ons meet the size requirement (check airline website) Most airlines give you one carry-on and one small bag.

The best place to check for what’s okay is TSA | Transportation Security Administration | U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


We fly frequently with our 3 kids and I have never had a problem bring snacks through security or on board. I usually leave them in their original packaging, though I don’t think that matters. Just be sure to comply with the liquids rule and buy drinks/water after you have passed through security.


I have always done this, and we fly American most of the time. I put snacks in zip-locks so it’s see-through and the security folks can see exactly what it is.


I flew on our last trip (fall 2007) with the top tier of our wedding cake with no issues. (celebrating our 1st anniversary) I had emailed the TSA prior to make sure it was ok. The answer I got was, as long as it’s not liquid and packaged appropriately (so it doesn’t get the security machine dirty), it’s fine.


We even traveled with baby food this time and didn’t have a problem. just had them in a walmart type plastic bag and had to declare them at the checkpoint… but no problems… and we had about 5 2-packs!! We even had snacks for the baby and they weren’t an issue at all!


Yeah… nothing wrong with bringing on snacks. I recommend it. I recently flew AirTran, and their snacks are rather puny. But be sure to read the directions on how to eat the pretzels (“remember the cheap fares”). They also brought us Biscoff, which is puny compared to Delta’s cookies (two big ones). They refilled our drinks three times (if you get Vitamin Water, they’ll give you the bottle). We only had a 3.5 hour flight, though.


We also learned a lesson on the way home last year~ we hadn’t allowed for enough room to pack some of the kids toys that we bought during our visit so we had to carry them on- big no no when you’re talking about pirate swords & guns!! :ohmy: I’ll never forget the look on my mother in law’s face when all of the security people rushed to her to examine the bags & xray screen!! Luckily everyone was very understanding & they even let us keep the toys (we had to promise to leave them in the bag during the flight though!):pirate:


LOL about the pirate stuff! We just got back from a trip and had MagicQuest wands in our bag. They asked us to step aside so they could “wand” our wands LOL! Had to go through the scanner several times. We thought it was funny but tried to keep a straight face while explaining why 2 adults and 1 child all had wands in the bag. I explained they were not “real” wands ROFL!
They took them really seriously!

As far as snacks- on the way to CHS, we brought 4 jumbo bags of Dill Pickle Potato Chips for my neices and nephews in a carryon. No problem at all they didn’t even ask what they were. (They are only sold in the Midwest).


That was hysterical!!! :laugh:


I take food on board all the time. Never has been an issue.