Cars 2


I have read Cars 2 will be in 3D but will they also offer shows in 2D? I can not see my daughter keeping on the glasses.


I know the theatre by us has both…2D and 3D available. We already bought our tickets for the 3D version for tonight. Our younger DD (she’s 2) loves the 3D movies. We took her to see Toy Story 3 in 3D and it went well, so we are excited about tonight.


We saw it in 2D this morning and loved it! I know that some of the race scenes would have been too intense for my 6 yo in 3D (she has some sensory issues). I’m not even sure I could handle it! :laugh: I tend to get headaches from things like that. Anyway, it was great in 2D, so I don’t see the need to pay more and take a chance that some of us might have issues with it.

On another note, before the movie there was a preview for a new Muppet movie that looked cute, too!


We saw it in 3D today and we enjoyed it, but I don’t really think you need to see it in 3D.


Cool!! You just saved me some $$$!! We’re seeing it tomorrow, can’t wait!


A local movie critic here said not to pay the extra money for 3D. Not enough of a difference with this movie.


Hey people whats your rating for the movie out of 10… I am planning to go up for watching it next week but there are some good movies also coming up next week so I am very confused. this is the first family date with my Boyfriend.


So glad to hear they offer both. My depth of perception is off and unless it’s extreme I don’t see a difference so I hate paying for 3D when I don’t get it. btw, TS3 3d looked like a reg movie to me.